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Dream: Modernizing Hydaelyn

This is also a dream from a couple days ago I didn't have a chance to post yet. So this is another dream involving Final Fantasy XIV, except different from the last time, I was just myself this time in the game. The dream started off with me doing some kind of arena circuit series, where I was eperiencing mini-trial versions of the five turns of the Binding Coil of Bahamut dungeon series. In these arenas, I was fighting the last boss of each of the five turns (except that Turn 4 doesn't really have a boss pe se, but my dream was assuming that was Turn 2 so I was just fighting a bunch of regular monsters instead; mind you I haven't actually gotten far enough in the game to do any of Binding Coil).

When I got to the boss of Turn 4, though, things changed. The boss I was fighting got kicked off the platform, as two of the game's GM's instead decided to come onto the field and fight me, out of boredom or something. I tried fighting them for a little while, but got fed up with them, so I ended up deciding to leave the circuit. After giving up on them, I went and joined up with a group at Haukke Manor. But this wasn't a normal dungeon group, it was instead some group that managed to get their hands on some glamours to turn themselves into the various staff of the manor, and I turned myself into the head butler.

The first thing that I found out from this was that when players weren't there fighting through it as a dungeon, everyone came back to life and reverted to their normal, non-monster forms. All of us with glamours reverted to the non-monster forms of whoever we were replacing, as well. I'm not sure what the original goal of being there was, but while going around doing butlerly stuff I activated a side-quest as well: back behind the manor was some shack, where a Radagast the Brown lookalike was hanging out. He was trying to leech wi-fi from the manor, and trying to sign into his VPN from his laptop, but there was an error in his the wi-fi connection and it wasn't connecting right. So I needed to reset it for him.

So from there I went around trying to find the correct router, because apparently Haukke Manor had multiples (at least three) in order to cover all of the inside areas with wireless. During this time, I was trying to pretend to be the head butler still, while trying to say as little as possible to keep from giving myself away. Although as I tripped and fell through the damaged hallways of the building, I couldn't help but comment at least that the adventurers playing through as a dungeon were doing a lot of damage to the place. Eventually, I did find the right router that Radagast was trying to connect to, which was the one set up in Lady Amandine's bedroom. 

Date: 09 Feb 2014 - 22:01
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Dream: Imagine All The People

This was a dream I had a couple days ago, and have been meaning to post. So apparently I was at Walmart, buying some stuff before going into work (although since I start work early, why I would bother with Walmart is beyond me). At this Walmart, like most Walmarts, they get inundated with customers and no people at the checkstands so there's endless lines. And for whatever reason, this Walmart was experimenting with ways of aleiving that, without the obvious route of putting more checkers there.

No, this Walmart in my dream decided it wanted to go a very different route, and go by a number system. Take a number when you're ready to check out, then you can go walk off and do something else until your number is called, then you have a short time to get back. And so I decided to do that, for whatever little it was I was buying. I took a number, and then wandered off to the furniture department and started looking around there. And as I looked around, i noticed there were various display pieces of bookshelves with things on them, and on a couple of them tucked behind the display things were mugs. Filled with wads of cash.

The logical deduction to me in the dream were these mugs were drop points for drug deals, and the cash was left there waiting for pickup from the dealer, who would deposit the drugs for the buyer to come back and pick up. But nobody was around keeping an eye on the drop points, so I decided to take all the money myself. I stuffed both wads of cash from the two mugs into my pocket, and wandered off. A few minutes later, there was some commotion by them, of someone with some other poeple with him making some sort of scene. He was complaining something about money to buy 'golf balls', and so it was clear to me he was one of the parties to the deal. I said nothing, so not to raise suspicion to myself, and then my number was called so I went and checked out.

Once I was back in the parking lot, I apparently lost my car. Couldn't find it anywhere. (Probably of note, my car was in the shop at the time, which might have been why my subconscious couldn't find it). So I ended up having to call my manager to let him know I was going to be late to work since I couldn't find my car. (Also of note, I just got a new manager that started this week, and it was the new manager I was calling and not my old one). My manager told me that he wasn't going to make it at all, because he was sick, so when I did manage to make it in I would be in charge anyway. So then I think I ended up getting a ride in from someone else, and went to work late.

When I got there, for whatever reason, my team was placed in a classroom to take calls instead of where we normally were for that day. Something about a test or something, and it seemed my work had partially turned into a school. So we were all in the room, working along as usual for a little while. But then as the day went on, people started coming in the room. Not for business, but to chat. And not with the people on my team, just with each other. For some reason, people thought the room was a hangout they could come in to have a chat, and I kept having to kick people out. More and more people just kept coming in, making noise while my team was trying to work, and I'd continue kicking them out. They were people from my work, but also other people I knew from other places, even someone I knew in high school dropped in chatting with the others. At one point there was upwards of thirty people in the rooom all making noise.

Finally I got fed up with it and went to print out a do not enter sign to put on the door, hoping that would make people stop. While I was preparing that, someone came in that needed a servcie dog, for whatever reason. Only when they got in there, the service dog decided to ignore all its training, and come after me. Where it proceeded to start biting me in the legs. And it had a wide enough jaw that it could clamp both of my legs just above my ankles together so I couldn't pull them apart and walk. After that I woke up, so I'm not sure where it would have gone from there.

Date: 08 Feb 2014 - 22:29
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Dream: A Man Running

So I had a dream about this man. He was in his mid-40s about, and he had spent the last ten or so years of his life on the run. From the government or some other entity I'm not quite sure, but whoever it was found something unique about his body that was ripe for experimentation, and wanted to capture him to perform experiments on. At some point earlier, it seems they caught him once and implanted something like experimental organ growing materials or something like that (among the extra organs in his body was one human ovary, apparently), and so he was on the run to keep them from experimenting on his body more. Literally running.

Whoever this was after him had the technology to alter the terrain, and cause land form changes. They also had this long wall of concrete highway sound barriers on robotic legs that they could move around, moving it along and crushing things in its path or blocking long stretches of road as they wished to block his path and trap him in, so he had to continually run away from them, mostly on foot. Sometimes he managed to secure vehichles to go further distances, but at one point for example he was riding in a vehicle, trying to leave an area onto a highway, but this group after him managed to alter the land directly under the road and cause the road itself to move, impeding his travel, so he had to turn around and go back on the other side of the freeway, where a landslide had blocked off that road to prevent driving in the same direction on that one. The police coming to investigate the area found that, because of the slipping, a hundred meters or so were just dirt, with no asphalt or concrete on them at all.

They could track him most of the time, and he would duck in and out of houses and apartments and large commerical complexes to try to lose them and get a little reprieve so he could rest. In the ten or so years he had been running he had been all around the country, and it turns out he had brief affairs with various girls over the years in small periods he was able to rest, and fathered numerous children all over the country. It seemed they all were sympathetic to his plight, and had no problems with this. One house he ducked into while running even had one of these girls, who had since gotten married and had several more children, and she was happy to introduce the man to her husband as the father of her first child, and wanted to show him pictures of how the child had grown up, but he realized he had to get moving so the family wouldn't get further involved in the people chasing him.

Occasionally he would manage to evade them, and when they couldn't find him for a while they would send out these other searcher scouts, which looked like fat goblins but human sized. They had heightened senses of smell so they could track the man by smell, and would search in packs surrounding an area to track him down. They couldn't move very fast, though, so if he took off on a run again they wouldn't be able to chase him, and it would have to go back to the wall. Eventually, the man happened to drop into the house with his younger sister without realizing she lived there (he hadn't been able to keep up with his family since he was on the run), and she decided to join up with him and try to change things, and went and attacked the goblins when they showed up. They were all carrying large bats as weapons, and it turned out when they were hit with their own bats they would die immediately, so they attacked and killed all the goblins and he was able to get away without a lead to gain some more reprieve.

Date: 18 Dec 2013 - 07:29
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Oh, Right, This Thing Again

Oh hey, it's NaNoWriMo time again. And this time I've been so busy between that and other projects I'm working on right now that I haven't had any chance up to now to post anything here about it, and now I'm done. 

Well, not done, exactly. I've reached the goal, hit 50K words last night, but I'm not done yet. I've just started into the third and final act of the story, so I still have a while more to write before I'm done. After that I have I'm really not happy with most of the firsrt act and it will take some extensive rewriting. So first I've got to work on finishing the story, then working on the editing from there. 

This story's not based on anything else I already wrote, it's a brand new story. This story is one that just came to me pretty much all at once while driving earlier this year, March 26 according to the page date in my OneNote, and once I had the idea I knew it would make a great story, so pulled over and quickly wrote it all down, then didn't look at the page again after that, titling it "(don't read until nanowrimo)". I wanted to do it the same way I did it last year, just grabbing a story I hadn't thought about for a long time before that and diving right in. Unlike how long it took to name the book last year, I had a title for the book from the beginng. Titled "It's Midnight When It's Raining", that title came from a small phrase that came to me in the middle of the night in September that seemed like some secret codephrase when I thought of it, so I worked into the story: It's midnight when it's raining, blood rose tips the sun.

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Date: 28 Nov 2013 - 12:08
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Dream: Life Reruns

I had a dream last night that I met up with a friend of mine from elementary school, whatever she had done with her life she had a Masters degree now (not sure in what) and was living well. Then something happened, not sure what, which reverted us back to being kids in 3rd grade, back in time to 1993. We still had all our regular knowledge, though. There didn't seem to be any way to reverse our predicament, so we had to ride it out.

We had to work carefully to avoid being perceived as hypergeniuses (being two 8 year olds with the minds of adults that were very knowledgeable in advanced fields and extensive knowledge of the future), but we couldn't avoid things like becoming the best students in our grade still. In secret we still did stuff in our fields (and like I was working on a new sci-fi novel) and were trading floppy disks back and forth with stuff written up. We didn't want to radically change history and draw huge attention to ourselves for fear of media or government radically interrupting our lives for our "super-brains", but we did intend to quitely invest in the stock market in places that needed to be put in to get us a good amount of money for when we graduated high shcool again and became adults again.

Date: 14 Oct 2013 - 09:07
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