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Now, that's not to say that I can remember every dream, just a lot more often than normal. Sometimes there just isn't any way to get anything, for one reason or another. Yesterday I didn't post anything, because I didn't sleep very well the night before so didn't have a period where there was real strong dreaming. This last night, for an hour or so before my alarm went off there was a lot of waking up to some noise or something, then falling back to sleep again for a few minutes, then waking up to something else and repeating the process, making things change so rapidly there wasn't anything coherent I could assemble when it was all said and done.

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 01:00:00 -0500

Burnin' Down The House

This one I'm finding harder to remember to put together into words, or at least trying to remember the order. At one point, I was at my parent's house and there was someone in the house next to it assembling an assault rifle with incendiary rounds, then walking around the perimeter of the house through the other yards shooting at some gang members in different places. He then left the rifle and I went to inspect it and accidentally shot one of the rounds, setting one of the neighboring houses on fire, but I was able to get the fire out with just the garden hose before the fire crews arrived. 

Another point I was an off-duty cop, in some city's downtown place and driving my father's car. I had just been talking to some people in a newspaper office in a building there about something (can't remember what anymore), and went back down to leave with the friends with me, but my key had been damaged and so wouldn't open the lock, and while playing with it some trying to get it open managed to remote start the engine through the door keyhole. I went back up to the shop to try to get them to fix my key, because apparently they also had a set of master key codes, but they wouldn't do it.

The last part I don't remember what order it came in in relation to the other two, and might be directly related to having watched Book of Eli last night. I was in some place, with some other people doing something and someone that stood in a guard room with a slit in the wall that would shoot us under some conditions. Something happened to that guard and left us unsupervised, so I tore through the simple drywall wall they had erected and escaped the building, wandering around in this post-apocalyptia. I went into some house to look for supplies, and found in a hidden drawer in this person's house a secret computer rig thing  that ran off an SD card, so put it in my Eee to see what it contained. While waiting for it to boot I noticed I forgot to lock all the doors, and hurried to do that, only to find someone had come through the front door. I shot them without question, and went to look the front door and turned around to find someone came through the side door. I made the mistake of letting them talk, and that man tried smoothing it over that he was a bounty hunter and looking for the man I shot and wanted to examine the body, and as he came forward it became apparent he was only a crazed cannibal as well like most of the rest of the people and I had to shoot him too.

Wed, 14 Jul 2010 03:00:00 -0500

The Island

In the last dream of the night, I dreamed that I was on some small island as part of a tourist group, and while I was in a bathroom, a crazed madman named Jason Vorhees (but not THAT one, he took the name from him) released a non-communicable zombie virus on the island. All the bathrooms on the island were (for some reason) rigged to have self-contained environments so I and some others were unaffected, and as we went out to find out what happened the madman then took the rest of us hostage and forced us to do tasks for him, killing us one by one if we didn't. I in particular he was forcing to hand write the events that were taking place on the island (and, more specifically, this dream journal).

After doing this for a little while, I made a break to swim off the island when he wasn't paying attention, and found that the reef around it had been filled with a web of crisscrossing nylon fishing line and several rings of barbed wire fence, so that people trying to escape would be caught in it and he could go and kill them (several of the survivors on the island had already tried this). I had managed to sneak a small dagger and crossbow out with me, and, using a piece of the dock and some misdirection tactics (and the stretchiness of the nylon lines to my advantage while being caught in them one of the times), somehow miraculously managed to swing around to the other side of the island and out of the traps.

I used the crossbow to shoot back the document I was working on, which I finished by going into great detail about my triumphant escape, and then swam back towards shore until a passing oil tanker picked me up. The scene then shot forward another few months, with a military leader (being played by Jonathan Frakes) that several nuclear weapons had been reported stolen, and they believe it was connected to threats being sent by Jason Vorhees, who had since himself left the island.

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 03:00:00 -0500

Serial Cereal

At the moment, I'm up one hour earlier than my alarm clock is set for, and two hours earlier than I would usually be awake. Earlier in the night, I had some sort of dream involving helping some scifi-ish paramilitary group with... something. I want to say from my mental notes while dreaming that it was remixing some dream I have every so often, but I believe I was dreaming that aspect itself because I don't recall it from any previous point in time. 

Before I woke up, I dreamed I had gone down to my parents basement to get some sort of juice out of storage for a girl I know (that in reality I do not), and then when I came back up from it I noticed that they had gotten some generic store-brand marshmallow cereal and decided to pour me some, and while doing so noticed it was on a huge sale over at Albertsons' (25 cents for a bag) so decided to stop and pick some up on my way back to my apartment. I went to pour myself a bowl of it, poured way to much into the bowl, noticed that someone had left the milk out so it was not very cold, and then when I tried to eat it it all just stuck together in my mouth as I chewed and wouldn't break up so I could swallow it.

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 02:00:00 -0500

Dream Journal Week

I think I'll spend this week posting a dream journal, just talking about what I dream about each morning. From what other people seem to tell me, I tend to dream a lot more unusual, vivid things than other people, and a lot more often. Somehow I don't believe that, to be honest, but it might be I have a much more accurate memory for such things and nearly always remember them, so that may be the real cause of it. 

Regardless, I think this might be a good exercise. I've posted about a few of my random dreams on here before, I posted some more in the Off-Topic section of Notebook Forums, and I've got more still in my scratchpad in my private wiki that have been cuts above the norm and could be made into really good games, but I've never actually kept track of what I dream about in any real way.

Sun, 11 Jul 2010 16:00:00 -0500