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So I've spent some more time reading lately, owed in large part to my new B&N nook. I finally finished reading the fourth Otherland book, finished reading Roadside Picnic (which I had started earlier this year), and have read Fahrenheit 451, The Time Machine, and Stephen Baxter's sequel The Time Ships. My nook is loaded with a number of different public domain books from Project Gutenberg. Next I plan on reading War of the Worlds, and then switching gears to read 1984.

I had been watching the ePaper reader field for a long time, actually. Ever since the first Sony Reader came out, I had been watching, waiting for the price to come down which I liked, but when Sony was the only player in the market there simply wasn't any way that was going to happen. When Amazon released the Kindle is when competition truly started, and the prices began to fall, although still too high for my tastes until recently. It was the WiFi only nook that finally was where I wanted it, and that was what I got.

I went with the nook over a Kindle for a couple of reasons. First, being an Android platform the easy customization possibilities were clear, although as of yet I haven't bothered rooting it yet. Second to that, though, is Amazon's policies for the Kindle, both some of the content publisher side (I have this blog available as a Kindle subscription, although I haven't checked in a long time to see if anyone even uses that feature anymore, a couple people did for a while), and the user's side, which culminated in the - most ironic - '1984 Incident'.

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