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Dream: Exelia's Strange Adventures

First of all, I spent this entire dream not as myself, but as Exelia Antonov, the character I play in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV. I guess this dream kind of took place in the world of XIV, but... not really? So it started out with me hearing about this place a friend of mine had been to before (in the old version of the game), and I was in the area that it was located and found it: this giant multi-story building that was supposed to have a whole bunch of things in it. So I went in to check it out and take pictures to put up on the internet about it (carrying my real-life Lumia 920 to take the photographs). 

So the entrance to the building was like a convention center like place, with different halls linked off of it. The higher floors required security card access (there was a card scanner in the elevator leading upstairs), so I couldn't enter them, but I had heard from inside I could get a security card forged. So I went to sneak in, which required going through this area with this laser security system. I met up with a few other people going to sneak in there, and we all entered the room with the security system. It was a statue on the wall, with a face that would rotate in and out, and if the face detected significant movement or if someone looked at it it would fire a laser that would destroy them.

Since you couldn't look at it without being lasered either, they weren't sure how they'd be able to tell if it was active or not, until I noticed that some small indicator on another wall showed the status of the security system, so I directed them on when to move and we all got through without injury and headed upstairs. I got my forged ID card, then went around taking photographs of the various things on that floor (which were mostly stores on that floor) while shopping for clothes and other stuff that could only be found there in that building. 

At one point I stopped in a store at the end of a hallway on the top floor that didn't have anyone in there, was gutted, and had just construction stuff lying around. It had been apparently closed up and someone was going to remodel the space at somepoint, but hadn't gotten to it yet. So while I was walking around taking photographs of the inside of the shop, I neglected to see a black bear cub lying there sleeping, stepped on it, and it awoke angrily and started biting me. I kicked it off, grabbed this metal pole that was lying there and jammed its jaw open with it, and shoved the other end into something on the wall to hold it in place. Unfortunately, the mother bear was apparently on the other side of the far wall of the shop, and as I went to leave she came around and attacked me.

I ran down the hall with the bear chasing me, heading for the elevator. The lobby for that floor was a two-story room with the elevator on the floor below and a banister and stairs to walk around to get to the elevator. I jumped over the banister to the floor below and dived in the elevator, quickly trying to shut the door before the bear got there, but the bear stuck in its paw just before the door was closed completely and the sensor opened the door again. Somehow, I managed to wrestle the bear into the elevator and sent it down to the first floor, leaving me there, injured and torn clothing, so I went to change into new clothing. 

Sometime later exploring I managed to activate a quest, where I had to assassinate the singer in this orchestra concert going on later that day. I went back downstairs to the first floor where the concert was happening in one of the event halls, and found it was like this formal attire to get in, with security with metal detector wands checking to make sure people didn't have weapons going into it. I didn't have any formal clothing so had to get some, and opted for something with pants with many pockets instead of a dress so I could carry some tools to assassinate the singer easier, and headed to the concert. Before I headed in I also grabbed a multitool and put it in my back pocket, thinking that somehow entering with that accidentally would make them not suspect me if they caught me near the killing later. I went in, they ran their metal detector over me and took the multitool, for which I apologized and made a minor scene of apparently having forgotten it was there. I then went in, as the concert was starting, and headed down to the lower platforms.

Apparently directly under the main seating of the concert all were a bunch of walkways that could see up to the performer's platform as you walked along, while lookign at the other scenery down there as well which was a bunch of huge museum like displays of different weather biomes. There were a bunch of people walking around down there so I didn't look out of place being the only one, so I walked along taking different photographs of these museum peices while heading toward a platform that was almost directly under the concert platform. As I walked along that path, I pulled out a small straw, and shot a tiny poisionous blowdart at the singer I was supposed to assasinate. It went into the bottom of her chin, where other people couldn't see it while she was singing I guess, and took a while to act, so I went back to photographing again so I wouldn't be nearby and suspicious when she finally died, and so I didn't leave early and waited until security evacuated everyone because that would be less suspicious as well.

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