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Dream: Life Reruns

I had a dream last night that I met up with a friend of mine from elementary school, whatever she had done with her life she had a Masters degree now (not sure in what) and was living well. Then something happened, not sure what, which reverted us back to being kids in 3rd grade, back in time to 1993. We still had all our regular knowledge, though. There didn't seem to be any way to reverse our predicament, so we had to ride it out.

We had to work carefully to avoid being perceived as hypergeniuses (being two 8 year olds with the minds of adults that were very knowledgeable in advanced fields and extensive knowledge of the future), but we couldn't avoid things like becoming the best students in our grade still. In secret we still did stuff in our fields (and like I was working on a new sci-fi novel) and were trading floppy disks back and forth with stuff written up. We didn't want to radically change history and draw huge attention to ourselves for fear of media or government radically interrupting our lives for our "super-brains", but we did intend to quitely invest in the stock market in places that needed to be put in to get us a good amount of money for when we graduated high shcool again and became adults again.

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Movie Mini-Review Roundup III

So it's been a long time since I last did this, and the list of films I've watched since the last time has grown to be enormous. This is just about 1/3 of what all I have watched, so it will have to come in multiple parts. And I had to drop a few out because I don't even remember anything about them anymore, and some of them I had seen in theatre and since bought them on disc after they were released for home video. 

they live
this is the cult classic John Carpenter film about aliens being in control of human society. well worth the watch

this film's the last in the Hannibal timeline, taking place about ten years after Silence of the Lambs with Hopkins reprising his role as an escaping Lecter. I thought the movie was decent for the genre, but it is verybrutal, and definitely not for the squeamish... or even the not so squeamish, the last act is quite disturbing 

so Sunshine's quite an amusing premise - the sun is dying, and people need to jump start it. if you put aside the "science" aspect of it and just focus on the characters, i thought it wasnt too bad just on that one alone

season of the witch
Nicholas Cage (and Ron Perlman!) starring in a movie about the Crusades and the Black Death, with some witches too. was rather bland really, but one of the few things I've seen with Perlman live action

gits: sss
now I've mentioned before I didn't like the original Ghost in the Shell movie much, but really couldn't very well explain why, though I guessed it might be because the difference from it and Stand Alone Complex (which I haven't seen all of, but I had started into before watching the original film). this film fits in the Stand Alone Complex series, so I guess because of that I did enjoy this one much more

red dragon
this is a prequel to Silence of the Lambs, also with Hopkins reprising his role as a newly captured Lecter. this one didn't really have as lasting an impression on me as Hannibal did really, so I can't say much more about it 

the expendibles 
this movie is just about grabbing all the old 80s-90s action movie stars and throwing them together in a super-star movie. pretty fun to watch. some of them have aged a lot better than Stallone some of the others

the philadelphia experiment
old film take of the legend surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment, making it into a time travel movie. don't really remember much about it beyond that either, but the trailer I've linked pretty much sums up the entire movie beginning to end without missing much

Studio Ghibli take on the Borrowers story. at this point I must say to really watch it as intended you really need a real nice surround sound setup, as I watched it in theatre and they did some phenomenal work on the sounds for the film and the way things sound to the Borrowers. 

in time 
this film I really enjoyed, not much else I can say there. I haven't bought it, but it is something I want to buy at some point. 

cabin in the woods 
now I don't normally watch horror movies, so this wasn't even on my radar. but based on some comments I saw online this wasn't the typical sort of horror movie, so I went and saw it out of curiousity. and I'm glad I saw this, because they were definately right, and I loved the movie. I bought it as soon as it came out on blu-ray.

now Battleship's an interesting tale. most people probably pass it off because it seems like it might be some lame Transformers ripoff somehow shoehorned into being like the Battleship game. everyone that I talked to that did actually sit down and watch it, though, enjoyed it much more than they were expecting, and most of them tend to agree with me on this point about the movie: this was only called Battleship because Hollywood is currently afraid of trying new IP, and this movie could have been released exactly as cut under a different name and hardly anyone would even think of the game Battleship at all. I really enjoyed this movie, and i bought it as soon as it came to disc. also, Liam Neeson.

this is a rather hard to follow independent time travel film, that addresses the paradox of having multiple copies of yourself in the same place when traveling to the past. it was decent, but you have to really pay attention to it

the taste of tea
I don't remember where exactly I saw this and what made me decide to watch it, but it was probably a screenshot of one of the really strange visuals from the film posted somewhere out of context. it was kind of interesting to watch, but certainly strange

yes, they did decide to make a third Men In Black film. but I thought this one was much better than the second, by far, bringing it back close to the level of the first one in quality. 

the grey 
oh Liam Neeson, showing off his "set of skills" once again. this time against some oddly extra-intelligent wolves (it seemed to me anyway). this was a great movie, and I bought it once it came to disc. 

DRK rises
conclusion to Nolan's Batman series, and closing out the trilogy. I loved this film, and bought it as soon as it came out. 

the last lovecraft
now I'm not really into Lovecraft's mythos, so I really don't know much about the backgrounds being used in the film. but I thought it was amusing enough in its own right. this was something I actually saw the trailer for when it was first released but never heard anything from it again, 

first Saw film. only one I've seen. I've heard mixed things about it being drawn out and getting worse and worse with each progressive one and not, but I only really wanted to see the first one anyway (see the forementioned lack of caring for horror films, as well as the series' general lead into turning horror into a torture porn fest), and only then because I wanted to see the original work as it was inspired by Mad Max 

layer cake
Daniel Craig and Colm Meany both in this crime thriller, about a drug dealer looking to retire. I found it quite enjoyable

ghost rider 2
look at that, Nicholas Cage back with a sequel to Ghost Rider. except its really not much of a sequel as it has nothing to do with the first story. I thought it was interesting to watch, but I wouldn't be in any hurry to watch it again

safe house
this one doesn't have a real trailer (so I just linked to a funny clip from it), as it was just a made for TV movie I think, but this film has Patrick Stewart as a retired intelligence officer growing old and paranoid about people out to get him. it was quite enjoyable, and Stewart does a great job in his role

so I had never actually watched any of the Predator franchise before this. I saw the trailer in theatre and the trailer I saw didn't show any Predators until near the end, but the trailer made it look like some sort of sci-fi version of The Most Dangerous Game even before the franchise was shown. I had to see it from that, and it did not disappoint, but I didn't end up getting a chance to see it until it was available for rent

transformers 3
transformers 3 was by far better than transformers 2. which really isnt saying much of course because that one was just bad

taken 2
I enjoyed this just as much as the first one. and bought it once it came out on blu-ray, of course

war games
got the urge to rewatch this on a whim, since it had been a very long time since I had seen it. 

war games dead code
someone apparently decided the original movie needed a modern sequel. and because not just that, but they needed to tie it in with the original movie, it goes from being another neat thing built on the same idea as the original to an absolutely ridiculous plot

while it appears the MGM shutdown caused Skyfall to no longer be continuing the story that began with Casino Royale, I must say that Skyfall absolutely blew me away and is at this point easily my favorite Bond movie period. 

2001 is long, very long. honestly, i was falling asleep watching it and had to pause it to resume later, but I did enjoy watching it

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