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Dream: A Man Running

So I had a dream about this man. He was in his mid-40s about, and he had spent the last ten or so years of his life on the run. From the government or some other entity I'm not quite sure, but whoever it was found something unique about his body that was ripe for experimentation, and wanted to capture him to perform experiments on. At some point earlier, it seems they caught him once and implanted something like experimental organ growing materials or something like that (among the extra organs in his body was one human ovary, apparently), and so he was on the run to keep them from experimenting on his body more. Literally running.

Whoever this was after him had the technology to alter the terrain, and cause land form changes. They also had this long wall of concrete highway sound barriers on robotic legs that they could move around, moving it along and crushing things in its path or blocking long stretches of road as they wished to block his path and trap him in, so he had to continually run away from them, mostly on foot. Sometimes he managed to secure vehichles to go further distances, but at one point for example he was riding in a vehicle, trying to leave an area onto a highway, but this group after him managed to alter the land directly under the road and cause the road itself to move, impeding his travel, so he had to turn around and go back on the other side of the freeway, where a landslide had blocked off that road to prevent driving in the same direction on that one. The police coming to investigate the area found that, because of the slipping, a hundred meters or so were just dirt, with no asphalt or concrete on them at all.

They could track him most of the time, and he would duck in and out of houses and apartments and large commerical complexes to try to lose them and get a little reprieve so he could rest. In the ten or so years he had been running he had been all around the country, and it turns out he had brief affairs with various girls over the years in small periods he was able to rest, and fathered numerous children all over the country. It seemed they all were sympathetic to his plight, and had no problems with this. One house he ducked into while running even had one of these girls, who had since gotten married and had several more children, and she was happy to introduce the man to her husband as the father of her first child, and wanted to show him pictures of how the child had grown up, but he realized he had to get moving so the family wouldn't get further involved in the people chasing him.

Occasionally he would manage to evade them, and when they couldn't find him for a while they would send out these other searcher scouts, which looked like fat goblins but human sized. They had heightened senses of smell so they could track the man by smell, and would search in packs surrounding an area to track him down. They couldn't move very fast, though, so if he took off on a run again they wouldn't be able to chase him, and it would have to go back to the wall. Eventually, the man happened to drop into the house with his younger sister without realizing she lived there (he hadn't been able to keep up with his family since he was on the run), and she decided to join up with him and try to change things, and went and attacked the goblins when they showed up. They were all carrying large bats as weapons, and it turned out when they were hit with their own bats they would die immediately, so they attacked and killed all the goblins and he was able to get away without a lead to gain some more reprieve.

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