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Dream: Leave Old Equipment Repairs To The Professionals

So I had this dream that I was working at some company in Orem, Utah (as denoted by the way the dream identified the locations), doing whatever. This one Sunday my work was having some big party for some football game, but I didn't want to be part of it so I went down to Provo and was walking around in the neighborhoods there, and met up with someone I know there. At one point we walked by some old house with switches and things for an old surveillance and recording system on the outside of it, and while we were looking at that the curtains above it were opened and this old couple looked out at us. They were talking to us about having trouble loading their cable television channels, wired to this really old TV by bare wire wrapped around two terminals on the back of the television, which since the back of the TV faced the window I could see that one of them came out. We were talking about with the age of their equipment replacing it all would be really expensive and getting internet and a cheap laptop to watch Hulu and Netflix would be cheaper, but they said there were reasons they couldn't wire the house for internet. So I offered to try a quick fix from what I could see, grabbed a small wooden pencil from my acquaintance, and went inside the house.

The main hallway had the entrance to the living room closed by a door, and the couple stayed inside there. They let me in, and closed the door behind me with the old man staying by the door. This struck me as odd but I ignored it, and went over to the television and reattached the wire. The cable came back, they thanked me, but as I went to leave they blocked my path. As it turned out, the two were cannibals and were going to kill me and eat me now that they had me trapped. I pushed them out of the way and ran out the door, with the old man, much sprier than I would have expected, following close behind me and into the street. I ran from him for a few minutes, barely staying ahead of him, until I found a passing pickup truck that I grabbed onto and hitched a ride with.

The truck had three firefighters in it that were heading home from their long shift, and they didn't mind giving me a ride back to Orem. They drove along the streets until they got out of the residential district, and everything was fine for a while, but as they began heading into a narrow cliff pass between Orem and Provo (note: this doesn't exist in real life) I heard a sound from behind us, and looked back to see that the woman was running after us. Running, at extremely insane superhuman speed, and many times the speed the truck was going. While I was screaming several times in fright, she tried grabbing onto the truck, so I threw her off and climbed up on top of the cabin, explaining quickly to the riders who she was. She disappeared, and we thought she fell behind, but she started laughing and had apparently grabbed on and was holding on underneath the truck, and from there she killed everyone inside. The truck swerved and went down over the cliff, and I jumped off and started running again.

I ran until I reached the bike lot of some business at the end of the cliff pass, and then stole an unchained mountain bike to ride on. I pushed the gears as high as I could and pedaled like no tomorrow, riding past the businesses trying to get away, heading for the train to take me back to Salt Lake City. I happened to ride by a business I recognized from somewhere, though, and as I thought about it I realized it was the business whose name was written on all that equipment at the old couple's home. I decided to head in there instead, and began ranting to them about what happened. I looked back out the window and saw the old lady was running this way again, so I jumped up and held onto the ceiling, and demanded that they take responsibility for what was going on and stop her from trying to kill me. She came in and started calmly explaining what was going on to them, and with some quick thinking on their part, declared me to be a contractor doing work for them and gave me some paperwork to sign, which made her and her husband bound by her contract with the company not to touch me.

Mon, 26 May 2014 01:00:00 -0500