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2016 Book Blitz - November (NaNoWriMo): The Inquisitor

Oh right, I forgot I needed to post this one too. 

Well, that doesn't look good now, does it? Let's take a look at it from NaNoWriMo's perspective.

Well there's the problem. Right there at the beginning of the month, there was hardly any progress for almost four days. That's because I actually had a migraine that lasted that enitre week, which made it really difficult to focus on trying to get any writing done, which made me fall behind for the entire month.

I actually spent a large amount of the month dealing with probably what was a cycle of rebound headaches/migraines, just piling up more and more from the painkillers and migraine abortives. In October and through November the Sumatriptan I had been previously perscribed for abortive that had seemed to be working just stopped, and I was perscribed a new one (SPOILERS: the new one doesn't seem to work either), as well as being put on a preventative as well, topiramate, which actually did seem to help once it did finally ramp up to the full dose. But I also let myself purge of all the painkillers at the same time, to try to break the cycle of the rebounds, and that probably in part has some impact on it as well. 

As we got to the latter half of the month, as you see, I was able to start to finally catch up to par with my actual goal rate from this year, but it took until literally the last day to make it to NaNoWriMo par itself, because of how much the beginning of the month had put me behind. So I barely scooted in at the last minute, but I made it. Not a failed NaNoWriMo yet. Would be a little embarassing to do so this year, too, consideirng I already met the NaNoWriMo challenge three separate months already this year. 

I did finish the book, too. On the first of November, in fact, I blitzed to the end. Ended up coming in at a little over 60k words, so shorter than the overall goal of 75k, but as I was writing the book I didn't really have enough story to write to 75k without making up unnecessary fluff. Actually ended up better than I was originally planning, which is the reason I blitzed to the ending on the last day, because I had an idea come to me as I was heading to bed on the 30th to expand the last chapter a bit, whcih I got up to jot down a note for, then as I was doing that I had another idea come with that that I realized would work well to tie everything together nicely, so I pushed forward the next day so I could write it while it was fresh. 

Four books done for the year. I meant to write this earlier in the month but forgot to, so I'll leave more for the full post-mortem on the year I'll put together tomorrow.

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