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Blink And You Miss It

Well whoops, here I wanted to be more consistent with blogging things, and I forgot to do stuff with it again!

And I'm not particularly gonna write a whole lot right now. This whole year's been wild, and theres a lot that I could talk about, but I'm not gonna particularly go into everything right now. But short version of things I will mention about especially the last calendar year is: NaNoWriMo last year got me really excited with the story I was writing, and led me to wanting to do more with it, so after it ended I started diving straight away into making a Visual Novel with it. Starting to make that got me really excited to do gamedev for the first time in a while, ever since the project that was consuming all my time in 2019. That in turn led me to working on other games as well, and then fixing up and submitting bugs with the Godot plugin I was using for the Visual Novel, Dialogic, and then a complete rewrite of the plugin for Godot 4 led me to contributing more and more to the project, until eventually I just became part of the core dev team.

Now we're at the beginning of NaNoWriMo for this year. And I'm still really into the story I started last year with the Visual Novel. What I wrote last year was the first part of this original block of the timleine in this bigger story, which I had vaguely outlined long ago but never really had any details. So for this year NaNoWriMo I'm gonna continue freewriting the rest of this part of the story to flesh it completely out. May not get it all finished in the month, we'll see. I'll report more back on that when the month's over.

11/2/2022 2:39:29 PM