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Since I accidentally dropped it on the Gentoo forums, and it's a part of my Steam tag, I guess I'll explain my alias name 'sRc'.

To do that, however, requires some explanation of 'The Anaconda' as well, and how the two names relate to each other and stories I am working on. Because, as they are intended to be different, they are interconnected.

The name 'Anaconda' came from the movie of that name (which I haven't ever seen), and I had used it as the name of a fictional ship I had invented for the Star Trek universe (and more particularly, a Star Trek tabletop strategy game I had ) when I was in 6th grade, just about 10 years ago at this point. At that time, I had been going by the alias Orion in writings I was doing at that time. As it was developed out and I began working on other ships, and the lessened significance of that particular ship mutated my title in that story from "Orion, owner of the Anaconda" to simply 'The Anaconda'.

At this same time, I began applying that also to two other entities. Firstly, in Jr. High I did some programming of small games for the TI calculators, and, needing a name to apply to it, stamped them as by 'AnacondaSoftware.' The lack of space was significant, as the way I was styling it on the screens would not allow for a space in the two words, this convention eventually stuck. In the mean time, I began to write a new story, a two-part Pokemon fanfic, the second part of which eventually mutated into not being a Pokemon fanfic but into an original story, forming the story of the ever-delayed game Spiral Island (which is another story for another time, on another blog ). In it I created a central character, called it The Anaconda, and also revived my older alias Orion as an antagonist.

Fast forward to now, as that storyline has grown much more massive, and internet slang has degraded my name from 'The Anaconda' down to simply 'Conda'. Some time ago, I pursued changing my regular username. I started posting on Engadget and the other Blogsmith blogs as simply 'Conda' as an experiment to see how that looked, but it didn't look right to me by itself for regular use. More recently, as I finished removing the original Pokemon influences on the Spiral Island story's backstory, I began to pursue it again. Particularly, for the story Skewed.

I had created, within the Spiral Island storyline, a backstory related to the Pokemon world. I use parts of this same backstory in the Skewed storyline; the Timeless, and several other things I'll point out in the future all were derived from that storyline. However, as I completely removed the last of the original influences from the Spiral Island storyline, that left me with a problem for Skewed, because the character Dan is the same character The Anaconda (which is based off myself), however the two were mutually exclusive. More particularly, the events of the Skewed world could not happen, because of the events of the Spiral Island storyline. My only solution was to kill off the backstory much earlier, shortly after the events that led to the destruction of the world at the hands of Kyogre and Groudon and wiping out all technology up to that point, as Dan had described when explaining about the Timeless. Because of that, I could have that storyline exist, with the only sacrifice being the name 'The Anaconda' and the split in the storyline to the Spiral Island storyline, as the reason for the character no longer existed.

However that meant my character needed a new name. Around this same time, I was considering getting into some Japanese translation projects, and didn't want to use my same alias for those. Eventually, as I was working on a rough translation of a bonus page from the .hack//G.U.+ manga, I settled upon the tag 'sRc', an alteration of my older gaming tag, sR->Conda. With a new alias for Dan, I quickly was able to flesh out a new backstory for Skewed, using a few elements of the first part of the original Pokemon fanfic and some openings I left in Skewed's prequel story 'Project L', and filled in some plot holes and created the hacker organization Treehouse, of which Dan is a part of under the name 'sRc'.

I had also considered changing my regular alias to sRc, to allow the Spiral Island character to be completely separate from myself. I had even changed my username on the AnacondaSoftware forums to sRc, but changed it back within an hour because it just didn't look right. So I remain 'The Anaconda', but use it on Steam as 'sRc//Conda', as I'm no longer really doing anything with StrafeRight.

As for it as my username on the Gentoo forums, I had (I thought) originally registered as The Anaconda, but I guess they had some pruning of user accounts there with no posts. I couldn't access the Member List to verify how I had spelled it (because conventions are sometimes different) without being logged in, so I registered a second account with the name 'sRc', only to not find my original account. I didn't want to bother re-registering it again, so I just left it as 'sRc' for now. Maybe I'll get a moderator to change it later.

Date posted: 18 October, 2007
Tags: anacondasoftware internet linguistic names personal programming skewed spiral_island writing
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