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A while back, I bought a domain name for a video game series idea for AnacondaSoftware, The Only Thing To However, unlike the other domains I buy, I wasn't originally able to put a placeholder page on it like the other domains I own but don't currently use, due to a script error in my host's domain adding script. For a long time the domain didn't go anywhere, then finally I got it straightened out so it linked to a empty directory.

For a little while I just used it as an intermediary for transferring some files aroung (trying to transfer a Java program to my phone over the internet, transferring files from my home machine to my notebook last weekend while I was at the hospital, and a couple other things). However it didn't really have any other purpose at that point. I originally wanted to duplicate the entries I was making on the main AnacondaSoftware site related to the phobias there, but that was set aside because I hadn't really touched them since I decided to give up Coranto.

So last week, a line of discussion on Notebook Forums, a line of conversation led me to quoting 1984. As a sneaky tactic, I put up a small page on the domain saying a particular user was in room 101. He found, to his dismay, that it was my site, he thought maybe it was a site with some form that could be filled out to make anyone's name appear. I liked that idea, and decided to implement it.

So today I wrote up a short PHP application, with a submission form, expanded to also include a fear. Adding the fear, though, left a couple of grammatical ambiguities, so I decided to make it a little intelligent. The form, for example, automatically capitalizes the fear for the third line, and rudimentarily determines if the fear is plural by checking the last letter for an 's', and changes the verb after it to "is" or "are" accordingly. I'll also add a variable for whether a fear is a proper noun, to overwrite the capitalization to leave as written (since sometimes a proper name occasionally has a lowercase letter as its first letter or has the last letter an 's', such as the name of the company eMachines), and set the verb properly for that case.

I may add some more features to it, to tie it in with my original idea for the placeholder page, but those will be done at another time. For now, have fun causing fear!

Wed, 26 Sep 2007 13:00:00 -0500


So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to do some work on another update for Skewed before it becomes October and I get to working on my Halloween story (which I'll introduce at that time). Figured this wouldn't be a problem, as they said they had wireless there and the hospital is on University of Utah campus, which has crazy fast internet, being an original part of ARPANET and all.

But the internet had other plans for me. Apparently, by some cruel fate, whoever set up the wireless there decided to use 802.11g wireless routers, to connect something barely faster than dialup. Testing my speeds, I was peaking at 256kbps download.

I was planning on streaming my music collection over the internet to listen to, and sharing it with Notebook Forums members as a temporary 'Radio Conda', so I left my Zune at home. I didn't have anywhere close to enough speed to successfully remote into my home machine, which prevented me from turning on any music streaming, leaving me with no music from home. I also couldn't keep a stable connection to any streaming radio providers, leaving me with no music from elsewhere. No music period. In addition to this, I had a devil of a time trying to transfer over anything from my home machine, because of the great diffuculty of trying to remote in, so I couldn't grab anything to work on. And, as I discovered to my great dismay, I had brought my DS with me to play Final Fantasy 3, but the game was damaged and could not be read.

And to make matters worse, the machines they had set up in a couple places in the building for public use connected to the ethernet had 40,000+kbps download.

I was very much enraged.

Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:00:00 -0500

Of Few Words

I haven't really had much to say this week. I had heard a bad play-on-words in a commercial the other day, but forgot about it later.

Mostly been busy around home, as my brother just went in for surgery. I started up reading Tad Williams' Otherland series again, which I had dropped shortly into the second book about when Pokemon Diamond came out a few months ago. And I'm trying to figure out how to do tags in Pivot, following which I'll start moving my personal writings over here.

Wed, 19 Sep 2007 13:00:00 -0500

Internet Speak

Since I was first introduced to it, I've been a big fan of the .hack series. For those not familiar with it, at its core it is a series of video games for the PS2, with storyline supplements in anime, manga, and novel form. The games are based on a fictional MMORPG, named "The World."

Being based on an MMORPRG, the games' translations have an unusually lax script, as, to a point, it's meant to imitate internet speak. Random smilies thrown into conversations, the occasional 'lol', spellings in l33t, and abnormal spellings for words all grace the games' scripts for realism. As I was starting the most recent game to come out after buying it on Wednesday, this could be seen very plainly in the opening cinematics for the game, where one character's subtitles spell the abbrevative of 'because' as cuz, and not 'cause. And I wasn't the only one to pick up on this, my younger brother, who was watching the cinema from behind me, commented "why did they spell it 'cuz' and not the correct way?"

But the translated version is mild compared to the Japanese version. I simply could not wait for the games for the current series, .hack//GU, to come out here, so I got them in Japanese as well. And littered through the games were all sorts of japanese internet speak. Being a (currently inactive) player of FFXI, I could recognize a few of these from the little exposure I saw of Japanese players talking out in the open, such as the sentence suffix 'w' that is equivalent to our 'lol'. But I saw much more through the games, between crazy smilies that can't be typed with the US ASCII character sets, to all sorts of sentence suffixes that I couldn't recognize, to foreign players' writing showing up as typed out with Roman characters rathern than Japanese. Trying to follow a conversation with my limited Japanese was certainly no easy task when only half of what was showing up in the captions underneath was actually being said out loud.

Fri, 14 Sep 2007 12:00:00 -0500

A Failure

Buying the mouse I mentioned yesterday isn't my only current activity on eBay. I also have a pile of some Pokemon TCG singles from the latest set that I had intended on listing, but so far I had only listed one because I had been distracted.

A couple days ago I decided to list another one. I pretty much duplicated my previous one's entry, which in itself was just a little bit of text added upon the default template. Scrolling through the page making sure my options were all set properly, my Google Toolbar's spell check pointed out the following mistake:

"Buyer must notify me of a return they are going to make within 7 days, otherwise returns will not be accepted. Buyer is responsible for paying for the shipping back to me. Once return is recieved, full refund (including original shipping charges) will be sent."

Now I don't recall typing that description out, but I'm not entirely sure. I think it was something it provided for me as part of a template. I presume I would have noticed it from my toolbar if I had typed it out. However, be it their or my mistake, it isnt the only place where I have found it on eBay. This link shows it as the title of a security alert, and is the first result you get from searching Google for it (right under the link it gives you to correct your spelling.) If you notice, right below it in the actual body of the alert, it is correctly spelled. Numerous other places on their forums it is present, and all in all Google reports "about 7,170,000 from for recieved."

A rampant misspelling, surprising its so prolific. Especially since practially everyone should know the little rhyme "I before E except after C" that clearly shows its correct letter order.

Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:00:00 -0500

City Notoriety

A few days ago I noticed that Blender has started experimental support for 3D devices, or rather devices with six degrees of freedom. Back in December when I first bought a Wiimote (quite before I actually got a Wii), I had wanted to write a plugin to use the Wiimote with Blender. But I upgraded to Vista, my bluetooth adapter didn't have drivers yet, and that idea was scrapped.

Catching back up to the now, the devices they were working on to add the support are the SpaceNavigators by 3DConnexion, a fairly cheap device compared to some I've seen. Reviews on it great everywhere, I decided to buy one. I bid on (and subsequently won) one on eBay, hoping to get it cheaper than the $60 retail price. Yesterday, drlouis on Notebook Forums linked me to a special deal on it that he found, which was equal to the price I had my bid at on eBay, and then had an addition $10 off of that for signing up a Google Checkout account, bringing it down to half the retail price.

Since I won the auction I wasn't able to get it at the $10 less price, but since it was still cheaper than the retail I wasn't too disappointed. The one review on struck me as pretty humorous, however, when I read the following line.

"I first was too agressive with my movements. Once you seattle down to small controlled movements the screen responds to very subtile movements of the controller for all pan, zoom and rotatations."

Do you see what is wrong there?

Usually, its very possible to use a location as a personality generalization. May or may not be entirely accurate, but its used quite often. But his mistyping of 'settle' doesn't quite make sense in this case.

Unless he wanted it taken literally, and he meant he was raining on the device to make it better for him to control.

Wed, 12 Sep 2007 13:00:00 -0500

Mission Complete: Hard Mode Unlocked

I've seen some interesting things over the years in e-mail. Most of it is spam, so it's not really worth mentioning because its garbage designed to bypass spam filters. But every so often, an actual person's e-mail becomes interesting.

Like this, an e-mail we got at my work fairly recently:

"Actually I got the computer.
but Hard is not working.
So you sent to me new hard.
but I still do get the Hard.
can you check it?




I don't even begin to understand that. The mind reels.

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 12:00:00 -0500

Charlie Gordon

Alright, written Rorschach test time. What's the first thing that comes to mind reading the abbreviation "BKCN SHT CAKE"

Go ahead, I'll wait. The page I'm trying to go to in another window doesn't seem to be loading anytime soon.

Anyway, I went to the store to get some change on Saturday, and picked up a Vanilla Coke so I had something to get the cash back on (and I love Vanilla Coke, so glad they brought that back). As I waited, I saw the screen for the cash register, and an item that said "BKCN SHT CAKE".

I hadn't seen the cake yet, and my mind certainly didnt turn it into a very appetizing sounding phrase.

Even after seeing the plain sheet cake that the person ahead of me bought, I'm still not sure what "BKCN" is supposed to stand for.

Mon, 10 Sep 2007 13:00:00 -0500

Month Removed

Apparently, according to the archive list on the side of the page, the month of July did not exist.

I am not sure yet of the full implications of this.

Ahh there we go, a quick rebuild and all is well.

Fri, 07 Sep 2007 08:00:00 -0500


Sometimes I wonder how Google's ads work.

Like just now, when I came on here and the ad it was showing was for something concerning "psoriasis."

I didn't even know what that was, much less have talked about it before or it have any relevance to anything else I've talked about before. I had to look it up to find out what it is.

Spelling it wrong in the process so Wikipedia said it didn't exist, mind you.

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:00:00 -0500