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Relics From The Past

So while cleaning up and reorganizing some things here, I just stumbled upon something. Something I had forgotten had come with me when I moved into my apartment, I figured it was still at my parent's place. A long time ago, back when I was in 4th grade, I entered a writing contest for my school. It was a contest held district-wide at all the elementary schools. All the winners of it, which was about 5-6 per school, won the privelage of going to a meetup for all the winners, in which they gave us food and we had the chance to go to different workshops by various authors of children and teenage books. 

I remember very little of that day now. I know there should be a journal I wrote in as a kid inconsistenly back at my parent's place that gave a summary of the day and who the authors I listened to were. But in addition to that, all the winners had their entries collected together in a book, and each person got a copy of that book. Mine is missing pages, from the front and the back, and while half of my school's entries are gone now (since my school was the very last one arranged in the book), my entry still survived. And I just have to share it, because it's so out there.

As I recall, this is a dream I had all the way back then. And it's in the days before spell check, written either with Windows Write or some DOS-based text editor.  don't think I have any other things written all the way back then, unless there are some documents left over on the 80 MB hard drive of my father's 386 computer, assuming it even works at all. I know all the stories I kept written on paper are all gone, because I collected them all in one particular manilla folder that became water damaged at some point. But there this is, and now preserved on the internet.

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