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Oh, Right, This Thing Again

Oh hey, it's NaNoWriMo time again. And this time I've been so busy between that and other projects I'm working on right now that I haven't had any chance up to now to post anything here about it, and now I'm done. 

Well, not done, exactly. I've reached the goal, hit 50K words last night, but I'm not done yet. I've just started into the third and final act of the story, so I still have a while more to write before I'm done. After that I have I'm really not happy with most of the firsrt act and it will take some extensive rewriting. So first I've got to work on finishing the story, then working on the editing from there. 

This story's not based on anything else I already wrote, it's a brand new story. This story is one that just came to me pretty much all at once while driving earlier this year, March 26 according to the page date in my OneNote, and once I had the idea I knew it would make a great story, so pulled over and quickly wrote it all down, then didn't look at the page again after that, titling it "(don't read until nanowrimo)". I wanted to do it the same way I did it last year, just grabbing a story I hadn't thought about for a long time before that and diving right in. Unlike how long it took to name the book last year, I had a title for the book from the beginng. Titled "It's Midnight When It's Raining", that title came from a small phrase that came to me in the middle of the night in September that seemed like some secret codephrase when I thought of it, so I worked into the story: It's midnight when it's raining, blood rose tips the sun.

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