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I rely heavily on the use of Last.FM for tracking my music. For that reason, I need to have my music properly tagged. The latest plugins don't let me do it anymore, but the older Audioscrobbler plugins used to let me filter out folders. I keep a folder in my music collection called simply "Unsorted" for this purpose, I used to have it blocked from being uploaded to Last.FM, because I would put music in there that needed to have their ID3 tags created or corrected or filenames changed. Everything goes into this folder that I acquire, except for full albums, which get their own folder and so I leave named as they are to preserve order.

I haven't sorted through this folder for a while, so that's what I am doing at the moment. When I started there were over 300 files in this folder. I dropped the whole folder into Winamp and I am playing down the list one by one. Currently I am on entry 86 in the list, and have reduced the folder down to 252.

Date posted: 14 June, 2008
Tags: music
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