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Naming Conventions: Dry Well

I resort to using those generic names because I have so much difficulty coming up with names for characters. In cases where I do have names for specific charactes, I usually have borrowed them.

We'll start with the main character of Spiral Island, Amy Carter. As a corolary to my inability to name characters, if you as me on the spot for a girl's name I will almost always get stuck at the very beginning of the alphabet, with names starting with the letter A. I have other haracters suffering from this as well, named Ann, Amanda, Alliso, and so forth. The last name I borrowed from a friend of mine in elementary school, Joshua Carter.

Continuing from there we have Xedre Jennifer Kopta. Xedre was a name I got from a random name generator. The last name I borrowed from a classmate in my AP Computer Science class, and the middle name was also probably borrowed from a classmate, though I can't think of a specific one at the moment. Another character that is introduced early into the game, Marcus Tilden, is borrowed as well. The first name from a classmate that I was talking to one day about the Spiral Island storyline early in my work on it. The last name I just grabbed from the first thing that was handy, which was a name I saw in the credits playing Pokemon Blue, namely Gail Tilden of Nintendo of America.

Switching over to Skewed we have some more borrowed names for major characters, not counting the minor characters that are direct copies of characters from other anime. Miku Maeda and his father Kyojiro (a character borrowed from the Spiral Island series) have the last name of the Konami music director Naoki Maeda. Ian Mikuri plays off of the names of the friend of mine I based him on, namely Mikuri being the japanese name for the gym leader Wallace in Ruby and Sapphire, which is my friend's last name. Leanne, whom I've only mentioned once so far in the story but will go into more later, is taken from a girl that sat next to me through most of my first year Japanese class in High School.

Date posted: 17 August, 2008
Tags: names skewed spiral_island writing
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