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As I've mentioned several times in the past, I get a lot of my ideas from various dreams. I haven't really had many dreams lately that were very interesting, so I could remember few details from them as the day went on. But I had one this morning that was just so random, and so I am going to post it here.

I had this dream that my mom was complaining about her new computer crashing and getting bluescreens, so i went over to my parents place to seee what was going on, where she had one of the ultra small Dell Optiplexes, and so I ran some diagnostics on it and found it had bad RAM. There was no other computer there for me to chat in to get replacement RAM with, and I didnt want to call in and talk to someone, so I had to go back to my place to get my XPS 1530 to chat in. By that point, though, I had to go to work, so I grabbed both machines, hopped on my matress, and drove to work.

I ended up crashing the matress on the far side of the freeway in front of my work, so I picked it up and jumped over the fence and went in. In this world my building was actually a middle school, instead of the call center I work at, and parts of the building were frozen because the AC was not functioning properly that day. Ithen had to hunt around the building for a monitor to connect to the computer so I could see the error code to give over the chat, and ended up arguing with Doc Brown or Bill Nye (cant remember which) about processor architecture for a while while searching. Then somenoe else finally found me a monitor, and so I sat down to start up the chat. However, in the room I was working in to chat in from, several of the junior hgh kids were playing the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game, and a girl with dyed green hair challenged me to a game, but the voice wasn't a girls. As I sat down to play the game, I discovered that the girl was posessed by the spirit of the Graverobber from the Millenium Ring, who had to look for another host after Bakura had died in an accident, and the girl was the best he most compatible host he could posess, though he was trying to find a better host, and had picked up the ability to temporarily take over the minds of other people besides the person he was posessing.

As we were playing the game we were both blatantly breaking the rules pertaining to number of monsters on the field, and so I called him on it and we both got rid of the extra cards so we were within the rules. That left the game field all in my favor and I was able to defeat him in one turn, which caused the girl who he was posessing to take over and start crying from the swift loss. The graverobber then took over another kid there and used him to smack the girl in the back of the neck, which caused the hand to pass right through in an ethereal fashion and she lost conciousness. He then did it to all the other kids in the room, so that none of them would remember the swift loss or the cheating, since he was using the girl to be top class tournament winner while searching for a better host. With that all resolved for the moment, I went back to my chatting in about replacement RAM, only to discover that the monitor someone had gotten me was dead, so I had to go find another one.

And I woke up at that point. Not really much in there that could really be used, but it was so outlandishly off the wall that it's stuck with me all day.

Date posted: 28 August, 2008
Tags: cars computer dream
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