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What if the world were to end tomorrow?

What if everyone suddenly died from some mysterious thing, and there was nothing left. There wouldn't be any point in talking about it, of course, at that point would be the end. But what if there were some survivors, a single person or a group, who decided to preserve history at the point where it all ended. What would be left of you?

Would they find detailed information about you? Photographs, letters, a journal documenting your life. Would they have the information to be able to record who you were, what you did, your likes and dislikes, and what you did? Or would they have nothing to go on, an empty room, sparse of identifying material, leaving them with maybe at most your name? Would they have the information to record who you were, or would you be forgotten by history?

History only consists of what is recorded. Without records, the past didn't happen. Without the past, there is no direction for the future. Will you be recorded, or will you fade into non-existence?

Date posted: 21 September, 2008
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