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Holder of the Arctic

In any city, in any country, go into any mental institution or halfway house you can get into. Do not ask for any Holder, for that is not how this one will be found. Instead, tell the person at the front desk that you need a job. That person will look at you for a moment, then roll their eyes and go back to what they were doing before. Ask again several minutes later, and they will sigh, and direct you to a building down the road. Do not say anything more to the person, head out the door and walk in the direction they indicated.

After walking for a while, you will come upon a call center, that is your destination. Head into it, and tell the security guard that you already have an appointment for an interview. They will let you in, and lead you down a hallway that seemed much larger then the building seemed from the outside, until leading you to a locked door. They will unlock the door for you, but will not enter further, however you don't need the guard anymore. Make sure to thank the guard, and enter the door.

Inside the room will be aisles after aisles of desks, all filled with despondent people with headsets, furiously chatting away to whomever they are talking to with words you do not understand. Along the opposite wall there is a narrow walkway, make your way there, taking care not to bump into anyone, and head away from the door. As you walk the noise of the talking will continue to get louder, the room will get darker, and the words more and more harsh as they appear more and more submitted to endless torture. They will begin to look disfigured, with wounds, burns, and other such things, as if the nightmarish conversations they were holding were dealing physical harm to them. If at any point however should they stop talking and turn to you, QUICKLY tell them "I am here as a potential client." Pray that they believe you and return to their speaking, for if they do not the whole of them will converge upon you, and a quick death would be the best you can hope for under the extreme torture they would put you under.

Eventually you will find the end of the hallway, hopefully before you reach the point where you cannot bear to listen anymore. Go through it, and close the door, and the noise will cease. In the room that you enter, a small office, there will be one man sitting there, shuffling through papers and shaking his head as he reads them. Say nothing to this man yet, or he will lash out, moving faster then your eyes can see and possessing more strength then you could have thought possible, and will throw you out the door into the waiting hands of the hungry masses. Instead just stand there, and he will begin commenting about the discouraging performance reports lying in front of him. At one point he will hand you a paper, dated for the present day, and ask for your opinion. Do not answer him, instead ask "What brings them chills?"

He will look at you strangely for a moment, not seeming to understand his question. Repeat your question, and he will close his eyes and nod, knowing what you are after. He will turn away for a moment, then begin to speak. He will start by speaking of all the atrocities brought upon people in support positions under the veil of anonymity. He will tell you of every incident of anger, hatred, threat, abuse ever done to any person in a position for help, and his words will make you lose all hope of goodness in humanity, if not outright driving you to the goal of their outright destruction for their atrocities.

After he has told you this, he will then tell you of his own tale, of his serving in such a position himself, and his discovery of the Object you seek. He will then show it to you, a simple movie on DVD, but it will have a strange coolness to its touch. He will tell you of its curse, of it's ability to summon cold storms at will, and the dark temptation to use it against such people that have caused him grief. At this moment a phone on his desk will ring, and he will answer it, and then smile. Without saying anything he will hang up, and hand you the movie, and thank you for freeing him from the curse. He will then walk you out of the door, and the room that held the people on the phones will now be empty. He will lock the door behind him, and drop the keys and his work badge down a garbage chute on the wall, and escort you out of the building, whistling all the while.

This DVD is one of the 538 Objects. Will you use it's curse to forward your goal?


The movie in question is my DVD copy of The Day After Tomorrow, which I happen to enjoy a lot. But I kid you not, it has never failed to snow two days after I watch the movie, even in the middle of June while in Denver, Colorado!

Date posted: 30 October, 2008
Tags: holders movies
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