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I rarely ever delete files. I have collections of files that I've migrated from older machines, some for a very long time. The reason being is I never now if I will need something again, if I will have to dig up something archived. And I have had to go dig up some old things on multiple occasions. So it is very frustrating when I cannot find what I am looking for. Everything I've ever written on my own machines, I have old high school reports, talks I've given in church, and basically anything I've ever typed up.

However if I cannot find something I am looking for, then it becomes very frustrating, which is exactly the point I am in right now. At some point in the past, though I cannot recall when, I wrote out a piece of storyline for Spiral Island. But I cannot find it. I have searched all possible places for it to be on my machines, but it is nowhere to be found. I am going to have to start searching my backups now, because I need the information I had written in it.

Interestingly enough, in the process of going through my last searches on my main machine, I have dug up a really old document with my experimental storyline for Skewed, from back before part one of the story was finished. I thought I still remembered everything I never got around to or wrote out of the story, but I just found one part here for an experimental ending which I don't even remember. It's an interesting segment, there are a few things which I worked into the actual storyline I have planned out. I'll have to remember this file and touch back on it sometime in the future.

Date posted: 03 December, 2008
Tags: spiral_island writing
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