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One of the things that's concerned me for a while is how much information to present in Spiral Island. There's a lot of backstory, but most of it isn't relevant to the actual game itself, and presenting too much at once would likely make things too boring. However, without explaining at least some of the past, what all is going on may end up being too confusing. So trying to find the proper balance between the two has been really difficult.

The game will have an unlockable profile system from the main menu, with information on the characters and other things, and while actually coding together my editor for that (oh dear, I'm using XML again) I finally found my balance, figured out what information would be useful to know in Spiral Island, and what information to save to present later when touching more on what happened at that time. Right now I'm at a total of 39 entries, the bulk of those the major character profiles, I may add maybe at most 10 more on top of that, plus a few variants of entries presenting more information as you unlock it through gameplay. Not too much information, but enough to understand everything going on.

Date posted: 06 September, 2009
Tags: spiral_island writing
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