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I had mentioned last month that I had gotten into a rut as I was approaching the last part of the Spiral Island script, because I wasn't sure how I wanted some things to play out. There were pretty much three parts to that problem. The first was a technical one, because a lot more of the later game script was moving into the battle engine, which I had only prototyped together in the past, well before I switched to the new scripting system. After I wrote that entry I decided to buckle down and finish writing the battle engine and integrate the scripting engine into it. It's working in a base format now, from start to finish of a battle complete with scripts for boss battles, but I still have a few things I have to implement before its completely done and I can create spells and stuff. The second part was more of a design one, which was more me having a hard time visualizing the remaining scenes and how I want them to flow. Since I'm doing graphics until later on it's not as an important point right now, but I have been using blank prototype maps for these things and I still need to go through and create all the ones needed for the final scenes.

The last point was a bit more problematic, though. It was a storyline point, and the problem was a few details in the plot just weren't quite fleshed out enough. Things just weren't adding up in the end, and it was something I had to rectify. In the mean time, I had been using the novelization document as sort of a scratchpad for fleshing out the details of the second half of the game, True Myth.  The writing quality of what I had written during most of that isn't up to the level of the beginning I wrote, so I will have to rewrite it again later, but from that I ended up solving my last problem, as I prototyped the ending of the book.  So now I have the plot holes solved, and once I make all the new blank maps I can finish scripting the first half of the game.

Date posted: 04 December, 2009
Tags: spiral_island writing
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