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Different Again

I stand here, ever watching
Watching in the forest of dreams
The life here, the trees here
They know me well
For me, they bring me songs
Songs of the sky
And the birds that travel its waves
Songs of the earth,
And the sprites that ever care for it
Songs of the flowers, of the plants
The songs of life.
But today, they have no songs for me
Because I had no stories for them
I came to them, warning them
And they will not listen
I am a fool, they think
A simple wanderer cannot know their ways
But they are wrong,
Because I know.
Because I can see
I have seen, and I will know
But they will not believe me
And when it is too late,
I will not be able to help.
So I will leave them
Leave them to their songs
A fool like me shouldn't bother them
I only know the future, that's all
I will carry their songs
Because I fear it is not long
Until only I can

Date posted: 20 December, 2009
Tags: new_alexandria regularspelling writing
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