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Movie Mini-Review Roundup I

So for some background, over on the AnacondaSoftware forums, there's a thread about movies that's become basically a roundup of mini-reviews of various movies kept over time. I've decided to start cross-posting these here as well, so here's my newest one, which will be the first one on this site.

the wicker man
Film staring Nicholas Cage, which is a remake of an earlier film I guess. I thought it was pretty interesting. and I must have been off my game that day or something, because I didn't see the ending coming.

prince of persia
I didn't really have much inclination to see this myself, my roommate had me rent it and we watched it with another friend. was kind of okay, I guess, but Prince of Persia had never been that interesting to me in the first place, to be honest with you

this was supposed to be a horror, I guess? well, whatever it was supposed to, it ended up being laughably pretty bad. don't even know why I watched it all, except I really had nothing else to do at the time

the illustrated man
this is basically a very weakly assembled collection of a few Ray Bradbury stories. the stories themselves are good, and I've heard them adapted to radio plays on Dimension X before, but the attempt at stitching them together in a film wasn't that great. 

the substitute
the substitute was a pretty interesting film, about a covert military officer that goes into a corrupt high school after some students injure his girlfriend (a teacher at the high school) to find out what is going on. I thought it was pretty good, and apparently it did well enough that it got a few sequels.

at first I sat there wondering whether Fujimoto was a guy or a girl. then once Liam Neeson spoke his first few opening lines, I found I was suddenly watching Taken. overall, great movie

the horseman
speaking of Taken, this Austrailian film reminded me of that, except that his daughter was already dead. and he has a different set of skills acquired over his career, although no less dangerous. I thought this was pretty good

world trade center
another one starring Nicholas Cage from this set, this drama retells the stories of a group of rescue workers who were there on 9-11. there were a few inaccuracies compared to what actually happened, but overall a good adapatation, and a pretty gripping tale

the omega man
Charlton Heston stars in this second adaptation of I Am Legend. as with the third adaptation with Will Smith, this one differs from the book, in some ways even more so than I Am Legend did. it was pretty interesting to watch, though. 

suspect zero
the description of the film on Netflix didn't mention anything about the psi-ops angle to the film. i had started it just kind of interested, but when that came into the picture it made my interest go way up.

Ichi is about a blind samurai, and an offshoot of the Zatoichi series (which itself had 26 films made). it was kind of an interesting film, and I may have to look up the other films

Premonition is about a newspaper that shows the future, which is the evil twin of the Early Edition. very intriguing, but it started getting very weird at the end and im still not quite sure what I was watching...

thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson, this movie was direct-to-video apparently and never appeared in theatres, although I thought I remembered seeing a trailer for it at the theatre once. nonetheless, I thought this was pretty good

sorcerer's apprentice
Hey, another Nicholas Cage movie. I had originally planned on seeing this in theatre, but I ended up being too busy to because that was around when I started working my new job. I thought it was going to be only a mediocre film, it actually proved to be a lot better than I was expecting, and plan on buying it on Blu-ray once I get my PS3 fixed.

mad max
the launch of Mel Gibson's career, as well as a major influence for both the Fallout video game series and the Saw film series (in addition to its own sequels), I thought this was a good movie.

silence of the lambs
it was actually pretty staggering for me how young both Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins looked in this film, especially since Anthony Hopkins was in his 50s at this time. i rather enjoyed watching this film, about Jodie trying to track down a serial killer by fishing for clues from the convicted psychologist Hannibal Lecter. 

Cypher's an earlier film directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice). I really enjoyed this sci-fi movie about corporate espionage. also, perhaps because I couldn't really pick him out until I started watching Stargate: Atlantis, I didn't realize until this that David Hewlett has been in most every film that Natali has done (since they went to high school together)

Another Nicholas Cage movie, and now he has the ability to see the future. I have actually seen this once before, and had thought I had written about it in one of these before, but couldn't find it. rewatched it with my friends after we saw Sorcerer's Apprentice based on a comment that was made while watching that. 

my exact statement on facebook was "is watching The Matrix starring Batman. I mean Equilibrium starring Christian Bale.". however, a more accurate description would be Matrix + Batman + 1984. 

donnie darko
something convinced me that I needed to watch this movie, but I don't remember where or what it is. whatever it was, it was well worth the watch, even more so for the time travel (which I wasnt aware of). 

tron legacy
not much to say about this, this movie was awesome

The best description I can come up with this one is Die Hard + Ocean's 11. movie was absolutely hilarious.

Faster caught my eye in the Redbox because it had Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thorton as the main billing, and Dwayne out on a manhunt. turned out to be pretty good.

jonas hex
Jonas Hex I remember seeing the trailer for in theatres, but then I don't remember hearing of it ever again. apparently it bombed. a shame, too, because I really enjoyed the movie.

Date posted: 26 March, 2011
Tags: movies
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