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NaNoWriMo III: This Post Was On Hold

This post I had started writing a few weeks ago from my phone, on the 6th, saved it as in-progress, then forgot to come back to it to finish posting it. I'll leave it how it originally was as follows and not add anything more in this entry:

A little late because I got caught up in some other things, by i finished the book on the last day, complete from front to back, at a final word count of 75464. After that, since I want to order some draft prints from CreateSpace like I have done before, I jumped into editing and making corrections. Printing it out and marking mistakes, I found about 300 or so individual mistakes to correct, of badly worded sentences, plainly wrong words, ambiguous references to who is who in a sentence, and instances of using the same word multiple times in rapid succession. In addition to the individual mistakes I found a larger overall failure at getting he/she pronouns right (a problem I know I’ve had in other prices too), a bad sense of direction with continually mixing up east and west, and a bad habit of using slangish words like “got”. Also it seems I have a bad habit of making things ‘suddenly’ happen.

Date posted: 22 December, 2014
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