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NaNoWriMo IV: Week 4 Report

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet my goal. I never caught back up to goal from last week, and Friday and Saturday left me exhausted so I didn't get anything done on either of them. Current word count is 63.3k, a far shy from the 72.5k it would need to be to be on par for this week. Partially I kind of got lost the last few days, and wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with the story next which made me put off going to it. And with tomorrow being the last day of NaNoWriMo, unfortunately that means this one won't be complete. I'll have one more chance tomorrow to write more during the November, and hopefully I can close the gap some more so it's less than a whole 10k behind, but we'll see.

Date posted: 29 November, 2015
Tags: nanowrimo writing
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