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One of the moderators on Notebook Forums is a truck driver, and operates his computer in his truck using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and his cell phone for the internet. This following cryptic line was sent to me by him over Messenger:

" a loan and Noah was soon to loan south well I could beat Olivet Baugh I like to know may see in so I can be the will and the new zone is made nine AL"

Apparently, my window had focus. His microphone wasn't turned off, so when he started singing Dragon picked it up and sent it to me. From what I can tell, this is the proper line, from the song "I Wanna Know" by Joe:

"I wanna know what do you want / So I can be all that and more / I'd like to know what makes you cry / So I can be the one who always makes you smile"

As he continued trying, these following lines proceeded... I don't even know where to look anymore:

"facing high you knock me off my feet and examining them around me I gave me nobody ever made me feel this way since then you take my breath the away slow I wanted now alone on and know what turns you on so I can be all that she blown I like the new may refute that so I can see the move appeared to raise mates used nine

everyone I got into to please you may be anything you say how you can buy only one I made you happy the bottom of my heart in strip tell me what I've added you to please you say be anything you say I'll do cause I only want the May you be

from the alma mater as Juliusstudio are mine always tried to tie a day and alone I took it as an view Bohne Shea of alone in our view a DVD and no fair so

to these new a.k.a. Angus armed on I pay you at the run-up I'm not on its journey though I bear I got the German company's new a.k.a. Angus on third will not on a wide a.k.a. at the from the eye out artist or to yeah"

Perhaps its best Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesnt yet work under Vista x64... Who knows what litter would end up in my documents when I'd randomly start singing something.

Date posted: 10 December, 2007
Tags: music voice_recognition
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