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This is the end of my tale, and the end of my writings. We never found her after that, she had escaped, probably headed to some other country. We confiscated the things she left behind in the warehouse, cleaned up after our operation, and headed back to the United States.

But what she said stuck with me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. This pirate, whoever he was, the writer of the book, as Mr. Raynor had theorized. Somehow it seemed unbelievable, but I knew it was true. My own situation, while I will not share the details with you, was very much like what his was. Faced with the same situation, I’m sure that she might have thought I was this man reincarnated, or something like that. But I certainly don’t believe in reincarnation, so will refuse to accept that as a possibility, and just looked straight at the facts.

I should have noticed, that New Years Eve of 1599. Calling me by my name, clinging on to me as she was, in her eyes I was not myself, but this pirate that she had developed an obsession for. A pirate that did not want anything to do with her, and cursed everything of his so that she could not use it, down to his body itself.  She could not have him, so I was to fill in. She made me ageless so I could live with her in his place.

I had them do a search to try and find what happened to her, but nothing. The records simply dropped off soon after 1600. She vanished, or perhaps killed herself, I don’t know. And, knowing what I do now, not to mention how wrong we were about the situation, I don’t know if I want to go back to her. I don’t know if I want to see her again.

But I did know that I couldn’t stay in 2007. It was just not my place, not my time. So I finally decided to go back. Not all the way back, but just to 1800. There was no sign of her here either, and there was no sign that she ever came to the Americas to the location we had agreed upon that I was to wait for her originally.

That is where I am now, finishing the last part of this journal, and preparing copies to be printed. If you are reading this, you were on a select set of recipients I chose while in the future. Diplomats, research facilities, Yale University of course since they now have the book, and some other people. If my instructions are all followed correctly, none of you should be seeing this until 2012, five years after the event, and it will be delivered to all recipients at the same time.

And that’s my story. That’s how I ‘saved the world’, but at the same time did absolutely nothing to help your world’s progression. I don’t know if by the time you get this Medea may have tried something else, because now nothing shown to me by the Pocketwatch will be relevant. And so, I will end my story here.

-Your servant and protector, the Collector

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