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  • Reflow Problem
    I never realized how hard it must be to write a novelization of a video game until I started doing one. So sometime back  I had started working on a novelization of Spiral
  • The Mystery Of Code
    Some people that know me know that I like to read creepy stories. Particularly, the "creepypasta", as its called, thats born of the internet for forums and mailings thats
  • Internet Flu
    The internet is on fire. It has caught the infection of rumor, over lack of knowledge of the new Swine Flu. One of the biggest infections is Twitter, which, over the weeke
  • Temporal Thoughts Alike
    Since Spiral Island and some of my other titles are RPGs, one of the things I reference to sometimes for ideas is the OGL-licensed System Reference Document , a subset of
  • Sanity Check
    The word of the day is logorrhoea , a perfectly hilarious and fitting word to describe such an annoying behavior.

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