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  • 2016: The Year I Write 7 Books
    It's been four years now since I started doing NaNoWriMo. In that time I've written five books. Three which were completed, two which were not, and one of which was writte
  • NaNoWriMo Update 1: Aimless?
    So to actually post an update on what I've got going on for NaNoWriMo. I'm below par right now, having fully missed two days and getting well under par a third day because
  • The Orb
    "Raynor here," the man said as he answerd his phone. He listened to the report being given to him by the person on the other end of the line, and began to frown as he real
  • At The Pub
    Just a quick update, I've put a revised version of The Pocketwatch up for sale on the Nook store through the PubIt service. Here's the product link: search.barnesan
  • Smooth Letters
    Made a minor correction to The Pocketwatch, while reading through it and noticing that it said Medea lives in Kyushu. I meant Honshu, the main island.  Way back in high sc
  • Greater Flurry
    So let's see... Lockup , Inventory , Date Line , Radiation , The Carpenter , The Truth , Closing Thoughts , and the Epilogue . Yes, that's eight more parts, since last Wed
  • Voynich Manuscript
    Next part of The Pocketwatch is up, Clues . I had wanted to do some stuff in the future before moving on, but I could not think of anything that wouldn't just drag the sto
  • Too Short
    Entry Number Eleven . Well, technically number 9 because of the two default articles a Pivot installation starts with, but thats how far back I talked about this before. R
  • Missed Block
    Okay, so apparently, I missed actually adding the last part of The Pocketwatch I had written. So there are two new parts now, Revealing  and Bait and Switch . I had finish
  • Branching
    At the hospital currently, as my father has had an appendectomy. They were able to do it fine, but it was apparently in a pretty bad state then so its a good thing he didn
  • Filled Gaps
    Interesting, there were no archive pages for the last like six months. Well, that is resolved now. I finally put up another piece of The Pocketwatch . I actually pretty mu
  • The Green House
    So after I cleverly quoted the line from my old halloween story , and since it's October once again, I remembered it's existence and that I can post it on here now. So I d
  • The Pocketwatch
    I haven't really said much lately, because things have been relatively uneventful. The main necessary functions of the NPC scripting engine for Spiral Island are nearly co

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