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Dream: The Great Shoe Dilemma

This one's from a couple weeks ago, and I forgot to post it here.

I was at a Shop-ko, at their used games desk, looking through old NES/SNES games. My right shoe fell off, and someone in the crowd stole it. So I'm looking around for it, and the person at the games desk tells me 'oh, well just go talk to the customer service desk at the shoe department and tell them one of your shoes was stolen on the property and they'll give you a new pair'. Except the one at that particular Shop-ko is closed so the person says 'oh you can go to any shop-ko and tell them that, it's fine'. So I try using their website to find another store with a shoe department open. Their website's store locator sucks, tries telling me the closest one is in Boise, and also tells me that like Tremonton or something is to the very west of the state (where its actually way to the north). And then its apparently theres just a Shop-ko shoe store inside my old Jr. High school, which is still functioning as a school aside from the shoe store in it.

So I go there, its the evening and so theres no students around but the buildings open for the shoe store to do business, except when i get there the band is packing up instruments and stuff getting ready to go on some tour (the band being the band/orchestra class). so im walking through them while the teacher's giving instructions, and he makes some comment and i come back with a funny quip, because he remembers me, and then i continue on into the building trying to figure out where the shoe store is. I can't find it. So I come back to the band students again and im cahtting with the teacher asking about where the shoe store is and what they're up to, and he tells me they're going on tour, and he'd surely welcome an old student of his to come perform and invites me to come along, and hey look there's even an instrument for for me to use. He pulls out this old trumpet which i apparently left behind when i was no longer in the school and they still had lying around these 14 years later. So I take it and they want to make sure I can still play, so i play a scale. I'm barely able to do it, because when I finish i pull out the valves to show them that they are all rusty (which they were originally which is why i left it behind apparently) and declined to go with them because that instrument was unusable. An yway, apparently by then the shoe store was closed, so I get ready to leave, and then the building catches on fire. So I help everyone quickly get the rest of the instruments out of the building before the fire spreads to that end of the building, and they finish packing up and heading out and i head off to find another Shop-ko shoe store.

Mind you all this time I still was without a right shoe.

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 03:00:00 -0500