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NaNoWriMo III: Stretch Goals

So it's near the end of the month, let's take a moment to look at the progress: 

What's that? Over the 50K goal? Yep. And I'm not done with the story yet, I still have quite a bit more to write. But unlike last year, where I just wrote to the minimum goal and quit writing because of other work, I want to finish. I want to finish by the end of the month. And i want to finish with an even better milestone, having really pushed myself. Because while I said originally I wasn't going to be particularly looking at publishing this in any way (although I will be, as before, ordering myself some self-published draft copies for my collection), I have been showing this to several people as I've went along, and will show it to some more, and I want them to have a full story to read. And I want myself to have a full story to read. I still don't know what new twists may come up that i hadn't planned, like has been happening so far. So I want something rich.

So I set a new goal. Finishing by the end of the month. Finishing with over 75K word count now, since I've surpassed the 50K goal already. I've come this far, but I still have a lot farther to go. But I can do this.

Date posted: 25 November, 2014
Tags: nanowrimo writing
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