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Skin of My Teeth

May is a cursed month.

More specifically, every 3rd May. May of 2005 I quit my job, hoping to take a few months off for personal projects and get a job in September. But what ended up happening was I didn't get a job until January, got laid off a few weeks after that, and then didn't get a job again until October.

The significance of this is it mirrored my previous tenure. I started at almost the exact same time, doing pretty much the same job, and I had it sitting at the back of my mind always that history would repeat itself. It always does, Halloween is also a cursed day, I have computer problems every other Halloween.

But I wasn't going to let a cycle start, especially since I was planning on moving out. I wasn't going to let May curse me. Near the end it took one final shot at me, making me sick since last Wednesday, but I have done it. I have made it into June, employed, and moved into my new apartment. Sick, but out of May, ready to continue on.

Date posted: 01 June, 2008
Tags: personal
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