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  • 2016 Book Blitz - June: Spiral Island 3
    Oh yeah, I forgot to make this entry. I made the image for it and then forgot to do the rest. Not much to say here, really. Fell short of the goal, and spent the month bac
  • 2016 Book Blitz - April: Spiral Island 2
    Well, as it's clear to see here, I utterly failed. Didn't even make 50k, the NaNoWriMo goal for a month. But, as you can see, at the first half of the month I had a pretty
  • 2016 Book Blitz - February: Spiral Island 1
    Okay, so I very clearly failed here. But for reasons. Not necessarily  good  reason, but reason. This was, perhaps, the hardest of all of the books I'll be writing this ye
  • Oh, Right, This Thing Again
    Oh hey, it's NaNoWriMo time again. And this time I've been so busy between that and other projects I'm working on right now that I haven't had any chance up to now to post
  • Reflow Problem
    I never realized how hard it must be to write a novelization of a video game until I started doing one. So sometime back  I had started working on a novelization of Spiral
  • A Quick Thought
    You know, back in the day I used to spend some time Sunday just sitting and writing for a while. I should have kept doing that. I should reimplement that policy.  That's a
  • Reboot
    So it's been a while. A long while. Six months in fact since I last posted on here. Not dead, obviously, given how active I've been on Twitter. But this had been put on th
  • Tabula Rasa
    This entry I wrote while in San Diego last week. There's also a bonus round for this entry, which I will write as the next entry. -----------------------------------------
  • (Very) Slowly Moving Forward
    So at this point I'm going to have to get a new car. The other day I went to drive up to Idaho for Thanksgiving and my poor 95 Sable  wouldn't shift into 3rd (non-OD Freew
  • Stalled Engine
    Well I posted in the beginning of the month, that's something at least. Since then I really haven't done much, aside from work, looking at my current project and wondering
  • Backup Policy
    So my new hard drive in my XPS seems to have developed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and I have to replace it. Working right now on recovering - painfully slowly, I might
  • Too Short
    Entry Number Eleven . Well, technically number 9 because of the two default articles a Pivot installation starts with, but thats how far back I talked about this before. R
  • No School Tomorrow
    So there's a proposal right now to eliminate 12th grade in Utah . This is being done to try and save money in a state budget deficit. Now it may be something that would he
  • Branching
    At the hospital currently, as my father has had an appendectomy. They were able to do it fine, but it was apparently in a pretty bad state then so its a good thing he didn
  • Double Zero
    Well its the end of 2009, and the end of a decade. I don't really have anything profound to say, though, so I'll just say Happy New Year. I'm going to try to put up anothe
  • 37 to 1
    So we're heading into December now, and to the last of the years with double zeros. The entire first decade of the 21st Century will be over, and I'm sure we'll see some v
  • Missing Gear
    By the way, I handled one of the Zune HD's  while I was at Best Buy a couple days ago. They are thought defyingly thin.  I've been in kind of a rut lately. I'm nearing com
  • Brief
    Just a short note here. My cousin's currently replacing the transmission in my car, so I'll have my car working again soon.
  • Holder Of... Cookies?
    I seem to find myself with a box of neverending cookies. The more I take out, the more I have in the box. At one point I had just 12 left, and, several cookies eaten later
  • Split Minds
    Well, the AC still isn't fixed, but it is somewhat cooler today outside so the temperature's not so bad. I was going to go work from the library, but I woke up too late to
  • It Happened Again?
    Yep, I happened to have had a birthday yet again. But no I don't particularly have much to say, because our AC is still out and it's still hot. I do have a couple things I
  • Melting
    I have nothing coherent to say today. Our A/C is not working, and my brain is melting. Prepring to use my Holder power to try and cool things down around here. I would go
  • Edited for Content
    If you've looked at my YouTube channel, the first thing you see there are music video's I have made over the years. There's five total. From there, there's some other misc
  • Space Constraints
    As I said I would, I have put up a few Skewed updates this week. With a Dungeons and Dragons campaign taking up a majoriy of this week, completely throwing my sleep schedu
  • Holiday Relaxing
    Trying to get work done this last week has been rather diffucult. To try and remedy that, I've been spending the holiday weekend unwinding, and attempting to get back off
  • The Bard sRc
    To bring everything to head, we'll recap the story so far. Ever since I started on the internet, all the way back in '97, I was known by the alias "The Anaconda". But, rec
  • Short Update
    I'm not going to say much on this yet. Long story short, I've been laid off. I will go into some more details soon.
  • Windows 7 RC
    Now the Windows 7 Release Candidate is out for public consumption. I decided that I would install this one on my desktop as well, utilizing 80 GB I have laying around doin
  • Navigational Emphasis
    For the most part, navigating around Salt Lake City is a peice of cake, compared to some places. The city is laid out in a grid system, with major streets running North-So
  • Starting Capital
    One of the things I don't really like the idea of is the high cost of development tools. I mean, that's fine and all when purchasing it as a business, but as an individual
  • Downtime
    Posting through Live Writer from Windows Seven again, mainly because I've been having some server issues all night and so I can just hold the draft here and post it later
  • Renewed Resolve
    So it's the end of the year again, once again time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the next. Overall the biggest shift for the last year of course is
  • Daywalker
    I had been fairly well adjusted to my graveyard schedule. I would sleep in the morning, get up about 12-1 PM, be awake for the afternoon, then work at night. However, when
  • Media Blitz
    So I'm setting a goal for myself for Skewed: I plan on finishing the chapter I'm working on now, and the whole next chapter, by the end of the year. That will end out the
  • Third Watch
    I haven't had much to put on here lately. I got moved to graveyard shift at work, so now I'm here late where it's relatively slow. I have tried filling the time doing some
  • Less Holiday
    I haven't really cared about Halloween this year. I haven't had any good ideas to follow, and I've been arther busy with some other stuff. I haven't come up with any ideas
  • Rotating Cycle
    I've been considering getting back into Magic: The Gathering lately. Just for casual play, I wouldn't want to try to do anything more together with how involved I am in th
  • Packing Up
    Last entry before I go to Florida. Just finishing moving over the work I need to my notebook, and then I will pack up everything. I'm sitting here rather amused as I do it
  • Reunion
    5 year High School reunion in an hour or so. I had meant to get a couple other entries in between the Spiral Island introduction posts, but my tasks this week at work prev
  • Straining to Think
    I had a few things I wanted to talk about that I haven't had time to do the last few days, but for the life of me I can't remember them at the moment. I have a pretty bad
  • Call Sign
    I've talked about the Internet Archive once before . It keeps a history of the internet, as well as collections of text, images, audio, and video, in a publicly accessible
  • Skin of My Teeth
    May is a cursed month. More specifically, every 3rd May. May of 2005 I quit my job, hoping to take a few months off for personal projects and get a job in September. But w
  • Anthony's Song
    Been pretty the last little while, between my schedule changing to four ten's and my preparing to move at the end of the month, so I haven't got much to talk about at the
  • Small World, Small Internet
    A few months ago, I sold one of my domain names. I had an offer to sell it for a rather impressive sum, being that it was just for the domain name only and not a site purc
  • Return to Normalcy
    Finally done with training, so now I am finally back to a normal work schedule, instead of working until midnight or later. Just to update what I've been up to, I spent mo
  • Late Night Relaxing
    So, I'm in training at my work again, will be for more or less the next four weeks. So late schedules again, getting me home around midnight or later, and removing my time
  • Something From Nothing
    It's been a while since I last updated Skewed . While this should come as no surprise given my promptness on this so far, there have been some factors that have actually c
  • Kool-aid Redux
    Some time back, somewhere between June and October of 2003, before I began working Tech Support, I was on the verge of working as a salesman. Not just any ordinary one, th
  • Non-day
    So its leap day today, the 29th of February. An abnormality in the universe where birds gargle and dogs sing. Okay, not really. I just don't have anything I want to say ri
    I often have different things shipping to me, and so I get fairly familiar with the systems of FedEX, UPS, DHL, and the post system. One thing that has recently confused m
  • Squandering My Resources
    I received the first renewal notification for this place this morning, meaning it's now been here for nine months. And I've pretty much left it alone recently... Though I
  • Somewhat Neglected
    Yeah its been a while since I last updated. I've been containing my impatience while waiting for my new notebook to be built and shipped to me, and then taking it through
  • Contextless
    Sorry, I have been sick this week, and I haven't remembered to come and post any update. The doctor's actually put me on work leave for a couple days, so as to not spread
  • Tired
    Had a run out to Wendover for a friends birthday last night, and didn't get home until 5 AM. Got little sleep, so I am very tired. I went and saw Sweeney Todd over the wee
  • Merry Christmas! I am tired!
    Merry Christmas! I'm in the giving mood, so I posted an update to Skewed as a present, after so long without anything but talk about it on here. And it's an hour and a hal
  • A Moment of Silence
    Christopher and David 's mother passed away this week. With great respect, I will reproduce her obituary here. Denise Barton Beckstrom 11/13/1956~11/25/2007 -- Denise Bart
  • Backlog
    Wow, this makes a grand total of three entries on here so far this month, I've been slacking. Not that I haven't been busy, I've been setting up my working environment in
  • A Month Mostly Wasted
    Back in 2004, while bored at work during the Halloween season, I started writing a ghost story. I didn't finish it then, I only barely got started. I had decided at that t
  • sRc
    Since I accidentally dropped it on the Gentoo forums, and it's a part of my Steam tag, I guess I'll explain my alias name 'sRc'. To do that, however, requires some explana
  • Typing with gloves on
    Just to see how this turns out, im going to type this entire entry with my gloves on, at full speed, and not do any corrections of mistakes. My hands are currently rfreezi
  • Behold, a Birthday
    Time out today to wish Christopher a Happy Birthday!
  • Caution, a Virus Has Been Detected
    Or maybe it's not a virus, I dunno. But I've been sick since last Tuesday, started with a sore throat and progressed into stuffy nose and coughing. Had to stay home from w
  • Of Few Words
    I haven't really had much to say this week. I had heard a bad play-on-words in a commercial the other day, but forgot about it later. Mostly been busy around home, as my b
  • Sheer Abject Laziness
    Lately my spelling in messenger programs has been getting worse. More and more mistakes are creeping into my chat conversations. And I haven't been caring. I really should
  • Back from Hawaii
    I'm back from Hawaii. Actually, I've been back for a few days. I don't have anything to talk about, though. I've been spending most of my free time since I got back watchi
  • C-c-c-combo Breaker
    Well I'm going to have to break off my seven days of Skewed updates, because I still have some more things I have to take care of before I go to Hawaii. So I'll have to sp
  • Blitz Week
    I'm going to try something different, I'm going to try to do a full week of updates to Skewed. Already done 2 so far, so I just need to do five more each of these weekdays
  • Oh noes, a year!
    Its my birthday today! No, that doesn't really mean I have anything particular to talk about.
  • Where One Ends and Another Begins
    Been busy the last several days with some things while the rest of my family has been on vacation. Days filled with work around my house or being away from my house. Usual
  • Proper Documentation
    I don't like to forget things. Anyone who's a regular around Notebook Forums should know that I'm a frequent poster, and the member with the highest post count. Anyone who
  • Too Late, Can't Think
    I'm in training all this week, from 3PM to 11:30PM. On normal days, I go to bed at the time I'm just getting home. So I haven't had the chance to think of anything to writ
  • Busy
    Haven't had time today or yesterday to work on a new entry, so I thought I'd just put a quick summary instead. Yesterday I was in training until late in the night, and bec

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