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I've had a few things that have come to mind that I have wanted to talk about on here, but I can never remember them when I actually come here to write them. I've been somewhat busy recently with some projects, so I haven't really had much free time to sit down and just do whatever. What free time I have had I have spent watching a few movies, such as Wargames which I saw for the first time yesterday, and a special Batman Begins broadcast that had a bunch of new preview footage for The Dark Knight.

I've got the next book I'm going to read, after I finish Otherland. It's a Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer. It's a vampyre novel, the first in a series, I don't know much about it beyond that but apparently it's a bestseller. What particularly caught my eye about it is the author is LDS, and I don't often see things from LDS authors aside from church-related books. I'm sure there's some more out there, but I never hear about them.

Of course that means first of all I have to remember to start reading the last Otherland book. Somewhat amusingly, in my mind this Twilight novel, a mere 500 pages, is "light reading", compared to the Otherland series.

Date posted: 28 June, 2008
Tags: movies novels
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