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Being from the internet, I see a lot of it. A lot of misinformation, a lot of fierce opinions, and most interestingly, a lot of culture. The internet is truly a place with no boundaries, the culture of the internet can develop day or night, with no strict personality except the general population of the internet. Lolcats, Rickrolling, and so forth, things develop on small parts of the internet then become internetwide, a brand new culture that ends up sometimes spilling into the real world. And they have their own lore, their own rumors, their own stories.

I like the horror genre. I like zombie films, vampyre stories, and other sorts of things. But not so much monsters and cheap scare tactics, what I enjoy much more is psychological horror, the things that really get in your mind and make you scared. Phobias are one such category, for which I've come up with a series of storylines for games. Illuminatis, mafia, corrupt and opressive governments, nobody else you can trust, such horrors as that as well. The general idea of fear being what you cannot understand, and having things laid out so you cannot understand. Horror that wears away at your mind, not your instincts, much more interesting.

Urban legends are classic examples of such sorts of things, but the creative culture of the internet has risen to new stories not heard anyone else, but shared by the collective population. There are many different things that come up, and I enjoy them variously. One particular one I enjoy a lot is the Holders series.

The Holders series involves stories of certain key items spread among the world, held by certain keepers, called the Holders. These people and items exist on a plane outside the normal, a world accessible only from where logic barely holds, any mental institution or halfway house anywhere. Collectively the items combine to form something, of which isn't known, but the storyline involves what needs to be done to find each one, what each item can do, and the dangers that each one present. It is told in second person, referring to the reader as the primary character, the Seeker of Holders, who is on the quest to find the items.

They must never come together. Never.

Date posted: 11 September, 2008
Tags: holders internet movies writing
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