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  • The Mystery Of Code
    Some people that know me know that I like to read creepy stories. Particularly, the "creepypasta", as its called, thats born of the internet for forums and mailings thats
  • It Is Alive!
    One of the primary things I have to do as staff of NotebookForums  is watch for spam and remove it. When we're doing it right, the normal users will never see it because w
  • Frozen History
    Now, I could have sworn that I wrote an entry about the closing of GeoCities, because I distinctly remember doing it.... Oh nevermind, that was done a lot further back  th
  • Persona
    Well, Windows 7 is officially released now. Unlike when Vista was released, I won't be switching to 7 immediately. My desktop is slowly spiraling to it's death, so I'm goi
  • Neutral Good
    For a good amount of time now, Net Neutrality has been on the topic of the US Government. While most popularized be the  gibberish speech by Ted Stevens , the problem has
  • Browser Shifts
    I usually use IE8 on my notebook. It's a decent browser, and much better than the dark days of IE6. Despite some unwarranted MS hate from people, it serves well for using
  • Edited for Content
    If you've looked at my YouTube channel, the first thing you see there are music video's I have made over the years. There's five total. From there, there's some other misc
  • Small Fires
    Earlier tonight, ImageShack was hacked. For several hours, all the pictures were replaced by a message from some group, with, honestly, some rather confusing goals. When S
  • Virtual News
    The quote of the day today on my iGoogle page is "Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one", by A. J. Liebling , a journalist for The New Yorker from the mid 3
  • Internet Flu
    The internet is on fire. It has caught the infection of rumor, over lack of knowledge of the new Swine Flu. One of the biggest infections is Twitter, which, over the weeke
  • The End of History
    So Yahoo has announced that they are pulling the plug on GeoCities, one of the earliest free web hosting sites on the internet. It's been years, and fallen by the wayside,
  • That Which is Known
    If you ever are in an area of absolute quiet, still your breathing and move not a muscle. After a few seconds, you will notice that the silence has a sort of "sound" of it
  • Modern Description
    Posting from Linux right now, using BloGTK. I would just do it from the website, but Firefox is clashing with my color scheme settings and is making all the forms on the s
  • Referral Remix
    Some time back, I was just reminded, Notebook Forums ran a contest. The contest was meant to bring in new members, and revolved around the forum's referral system. What yo
  • Facebook Integration
    This isn't really going to be much, mainly what I want to do with this post is test how Facebook handles RSS feeds from other blogs, to see what it looks like. So I guess
  • Traffic Spike
    I try to keep track of traffic on my sites. I regularly check the logs at the end of the month to see what sort of search results there were and if I have abnormal bandwid
  • Re-sRc
    Over a year ago , I spoke some of my new alternate alias, sRc. At the time, as I mentioned, I needed a new alias to use in Skewed, as I was distancing myself from The Anac
  • Third Watch
    I haven't had much to put on here lately. I got moved to graveyard shift at work, so now I'm here late where it's relatively slow. I have tried filling the time doing some
  • Fill In The Blank
    I've talked some in the past about using alternate alias' in certain places. The main one I use in commenting in Blogsmith blogs, such as Engadget, is the shortened form,
  • AIM Talk
    So I just remembered Sony Ericsson phones have built-in functions for posting photographs onto Google's Blogger service. I had started setting it up some time ago, then co
  • Spam Overload
    Good mercy, am I glad the spam filters on here work, because I just happened to look at the spam log trying to find where these referrals from some outdoors website forum
  • Holder of Language
    Being from the internet, I see a lot of it. A lot of misinformation, a lot of fierce opinions, and most interestingly, a lot of culture. The internet is truly a place with
  • Third Shift
    Our flights start leaving early tomorrow morning, so we have to be to the airport early. I decided to just stay up and sleep on the flight, so I'm going to be here for the
  • DNS Unavailable
    When I first started Skewed, I mentioned in the backstory about how in the midst of the initial infection, the internet was quickly destroyed. I brought up mention of this
  • Call Sign
    I've talked about the Internet Archive once before . It keeps a history of the internet, as well as collections of text, images, audio, and video, in a publicly accessible
  • Double Vision
    One of the things that is supposed to be avoided in writing, and spellcheckers freak out over all the time, is words written twice. The obvious reason for this is of cours
  • Firefox Day
    Hurry, it's the day of the Firefox 3.0 release. And they're trying to set a world record for number of downloads in the first day, so get on over to and dow
  • Small World, Small Internet
    A few months ago, I sold one of my domain names. I had an offer to sell it for a rather impressive sum, being that it was just for the domain name only and not a site purc
  • Communication Failure
    I've pretty much gotten to the point where I don't really care about my spelling in Messenger anymore. It has become riddled with mistakes, such as "sining", "secinds", "c
  • Kool-aid Redux
    Some time back, somewhere between June and October of 2003, before I began working Tech Support, I was on the verge of working as a salesman. Not just any ordinary one, th
  • New Machine, Review
    Since it's finished I might as well link it here, I finished the review on my new notebook, it's found on Notebook Forums. Dell XPS M1530 Review Now that that's written up
  • Typing Gloves
    Since apparently a lot of people hit my site this month for search results varying on the theme of my typing with gloves, I guess I'll go into them. There's not much too t
  • Close, But No Cigar
    I've mentioned a couple times things about Vista's Voice Recognition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and some of their quirks. I haven't actually shown a direct comparison o
  • Broken
    I don't really have much to say today. I got stupider from reading the circular, schizophrenic logic of an old man talking about a backwards concept he calls the time cube
  • Greetings to you
    One of my tasks at my job involves handling e-mails and communicating with customers with that fashion. I use a thin form for my e-mails, a brief greeting, and a brief clo
  • Blogotubes
    It is now the end of the year, and so its time to reflect over the last year, and make new year resolutions. One thing I have noticed over the last year is my changing in
  • Timeless Archive
    One of the unfortunate things about the internet is its ever shifting nature. Allows for always expanding amounts of information, but old information gets lost, possibly f
  • Umm, thanks?
    Usually at the end of each month, I check the statistics for my sites for the previous month. My host has several tools for doing this, but my favorite is AWStats because
  • A short guide to lolcats
    Originating in the depths of the internet, on a day of the week known as Caturday, now you can see the " lolcats " everywhere, permeating every nook and cranny of the inte
  • Two Strikes
    I usually tend to avoid searching for lyrics on the internet, as lyrics sites are some of the most banner-ridden, popup-ridden, spyware-infested sites out there, but occas
  • The Antlion
    One of the webcomics I read is xkcd , a stick figure comic focusing on commentary of various things, language included. A fairly recent comic was about tripping up grammar
  • sRc
    Since I accidentally dropped it on the Gentoo forums, and it's a part of my Steam tag, I guess I'll explain my alias name 'sRc'. To do that, however, requires some explana
  • Um, lot?
    Some words we use in common day to day speech aren't actually words in the English language, they are loanwords. Some of these can be easily recognized by their diacritics
  • Plurality
    A while back, I bought a domain name for a video game series idea for AnacondaSoftware, The Only Thing To . However, unlike the other domains I buy, I wasn't orig
  • Crawling
    So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to
  • Internet Speak
    Since I was first introduced to it, I've been a big fan of the .hack series. For those not familiar with it, at its core it is a series of video games for the PS2, with st
  • A Failure
    Buying the mouse I mentioned yesterday isn't my only current activity on eBay. I also have a pile of some Pokemon TCG singles from the latest set that I had intended on li
  • Mission Complete: Hard Mode Unlocked
    I've seen some interesting things over the years in e-mail. Most of it is spam, so it's not really worth mentioning because its garbage designed to bypass spam filters. Bu
  • Psoriasis?
    Sometimes I wonder how Google's ads work. Like just now, when I came on here and the ad it was showing was for something concerning "psoriasis." I didn't even know what th
  • C-c-c-combo Breaker
    Well I'm going to have to break off my seven days of Skewed updates, because I still have some more things I have to take care of before I go to Hawaii. So I'll have to sp
  • They Need To Be Rounded Up
    Its our supervisor's birthday next week, and he's taking the week off for vacation. So my team's been planning a birthday party for tomorrow. One person's been coordinatin
  • Caffinated
    Here is a recipe: 1 Dictionary antithesis 3 Monsters Instructions Take one person, add 3 Monsters, then ask him to write an essay without giving him details. Result: His r
  • You?
    So right now there's a Nerd Quiz floating around the Off-Topic end of Notebook Forums. The highest so far has been a score of 85, I got 65 myself. One particular member of
  • Then There Was Than
    As if a sign of how prevalent mistakes are in our language, the How-To of the Day a few days ago was How to Use Than and Then . Good advice, they aren't really that hard t
  • Where One Ends and Another Begins
    Been busy the last several days with some things while the rest of my family has been on vacation. Days filled with work around my house or being away from my house. Usual
  • Proper Documentation
    I don't like to forget things. Anyone who's a regular around Notebook Forums should know that I'm a frequent poster, and the member with the highest post count. Anyone who
  • Too Late, Can't Think
    I'm in training all this week, from 3PM to 11:30PM. On normal days, I go to bed at the time I'm just getting home. So I haven't had the chance to think of anything to writ
  • A Wrong Turn, Somewhere...
    So, after I created this site, I altered my MSN title to contain information about it. I changed it to "The Anaconda -" Except replace "RegularSpelling
  • Recommended Misspelling
    Google owns the internet. But we already knew that. Google has become synonymous with "search". Google has a plethora of tools for getting stuff done. Google Toolbar has b
  • Listen To What I'm Thinking
    Text is plain. Emotions can't be portrayed very well with text alone, especially in just speech text. Forums, email and chats are where these problems particularly play ou
  • Internet Language
    So I'm a librarian at my church. I make copies for people, and I manage materials that get checked in and out of the library for the meetings. And my ward is the last to m

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