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At this point I've decided that Ties to Infiity will never finish, so I've deconstructed the Hehehee! The Story section of the forum and moved the topics back. At this point I will go into some post-mortem for it, and finish out the storyline I had come up with that I was guiding it in. As far as the way I inteded on making it go, I was only loosely guiding the story, and letting most of what happened otherwise just come about with whatever anyone felt like posting. I'll start by explaining what I was setting up for the current chapter as to how it was going to end, since it was nearly over.

Morganna had met up with Evil Chii in a zone on Omega server, and was talking about a plan to get back at The Anaconda. What her plan was would to be to guide everyone to one location and trap them there. Infoseeker and Windjet had found there way there one way, while Smith and party had just joined up with Aura and Skeith and were heading into the World, where they would head to the same location. Once on that location, which would be on it's own machine, all connections would be locked down so nobody could leave, and Morganna and Evil Chii would move in, unleashing a monster protected with the new Drain Lock encryption.

The very last post in the thread is a dream that The Anaconda has, in a conversation between him and someone he does not recognize, who ends up shaking him out of his intent of staying in the New Matrix. He and Reone then get equipped up with some Spirit weapons, and head out to leave the New Matrix. They are opposed by one of the members of Absolution, who sends out a beast called the Gatekeeper to fight them. The Anaconda then uses his new Twilight Bracelet function Data Capture and drains the Gatekeeper, gaining a unique virus core. They then escape the New Matrix and get over to The World, where everyone is losing against the monster that can't be defeated, can't be Data Drained, and isn't even being weakened. He then gives a real test to the new function, rematerializing the captured data from the unique virus core and creating a weapon called the Absolution Gun, which completely obliterates the monster. As they are all recovering and standing around wondering what just happened, Morganna then makes her move, using her Agent powers to take over the body of Reone, and then disappearing.

Date posted: 28 September, 2008
Tags: ties_to_infinity
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