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  • Finite Infinity - Delayed Reaction
    It's been two weeks now since I upgraded to PivotX. It's worked well, and I'm really digging the Page function. However I had forgotten one of the first things I had wante
  • Finite Infinity - Final Thoughts
    So that wraps up everything for the Ties to Infinity story. When PivotX final is released I'll put up some of the written portions I have in my two documents on here, but
  • Finite Infinity - GU
    I was also playing around with the idea for one more chapter, brining it together with GU, though I hadn't planned this one out very much. As it was to go, several years l
  • Finite Infinity - Machine Revolution Part 2
    After the fight, Reone regains all of her memory from before the Second Reniassance, everything that happened from the beginning of the Chobits series to where she was tak
  • Finite Infinity - Machine Revolution
    Interestingly enough, I had actually come up with the idea for the arena Root Town before details on the new Omega server in .hack//GU were revealed, showing that world's
  • Finite Infinity - Two Universes
    The next chapter starts off with them trying to find there way into destiNATION following Bob Gorilla, utilizing the Kilroy virus that was build to bridge the interface. T
  • Finite Infinity - destiNATION
    I had a number of supplemental topics building up to the next chapter, which focuses on destiNATION, so I'll cover this concept before detailing the next chapter of the st
  • Finite Infinity - Last-Minute Additions
    I had a title for each of the chapters that would be in this story, but I can't remember the one for the next one at this point. It wasn't even originally going to be it's
  • Finite Infinity - Triad Rule
    Apparently font kerning and leading differences exist between WordPerfect and OpenOffice, because I remember these documents having more pages in the past. I noticed the s
  • Finite Infinity
    At this point I've decided that Ties to Infiity will never finish, so I've deconstructed the Hehehee! The Story section of the forum and moved the topics back. At this poi
  • Proper Documentation
    I don't like to forget things. Anyone who's a regular around Notebook Forums should know that I'm a frequent poster, and the member with the highest post count. Anyone who
  • Description and Direction
    Most of the time I plan out things in a script format. I have stories told by the characters, with conversations between characters explaining the situation. Anyone readin

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