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Over a year ago, I spoke some of my new alternate alias, sRc. At the time, as I mentioned, I needed a new alias to use in Skewed, as I was distancing myself from The Anaconda as exists in Spiral Island. Since then, however, as I've continued working on the Spiral Island project for XNA, I've come to realize something: my personality has changed a little from this character in the games.

In August, I went over a general ineptitude I have at coming up with names, and covered some general profiles I use for writing when not having any other character to work with. At this point, I have a new one, which would be me as I am now. At this point, I no longer consider myself as the same as the character I have defined, and instead am inclined to consider myself as myself, and as myself in other defined realms. At this point, I'm going to completely adopt the alias sRc, and drop from The Anaconda down to just Conda, leaving my actual full alias now as 'sRc//Conda'.

That said, of course the character in Skewed would be different than me as well. I will continue using sRc there, because that's where I came up with the name for. I also am stuck using The Anaconda in some places, because of various registrations. But I've now changed my MSN title to sRc//Conda, so there is the distinction, and any new stuff I will be using the alias sRc. This will start with an imaginary developer commentary character of sorts for Spiral Island, available on second play through, but I will go more into that later.

That's pronounced 'Sirk', by the way, not 'source'.

Date posted: 10 January, 2009
Tags: internet names skewed spiral_island
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