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Accent Drift

Most people around here pronounce days of the week normally. Mon-Day, Fry-Day, etc. Far less often, though, a certain accent variant equates it to a differenr pronunciation, dee. Tues-dee, Sun-dee, and so on and so forth. I'm not quite sure where that accent variant comes from, as I don't hear it very offen to tell, but it is there. And I have it myself.

As I've mentioned before, for strong accent differences I will absorb them into my own speech. For only short term situations, like calls in my work, it is only temporary, though something I have to fight off. Longer exposure has more lasting effects, such as some of the effects of my Japanese studies. As for my shift in pronunciation of days, that can be equated to my 7th grade math teacher, Mr. Burke. He spoke with an accent that used those all the time, and having him for several years (Algebra in 7th grade, as well as another class for our MathCounts team) caused me to absorb that.

I don't pronounce the word 'day' itself like that, just the days of the week.

Date posted: 25 February, 2009
Tags: accents english
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