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  • Aitches
    Continuing on with the previous topic of accents, another thing I've noticed change in my speech lately is the use of the letter "H". Or, more specifically, the lack of it
  • Accent Drift
    Most people around here pronounce days of the week normally. Mon-Day, Fry-Day, etc. Far less often, though, a certain accent variant equates it to a differenr pronunciatio
  • Another Voice Redux
    I didn't realize how often we have British actors playing American parts in movies before, really. I've talked about this before, with Hugh Laurie 's role in House, I had
  • Tired
    Had a run out to Wendover for a friends birthday last night, and didn't get home until 5 AM. Got little sleep, so I am very tired. I went and saw Sweeney Todd over the wee
  • Absorbed
    Since I work in a technical support field, I have to talk to people. Not an inherently bad thing in itself, but there is a problem to it. Something I haven't had to deal w
  • Another Voice
    I don't watch may US television programs, I mostly watch movies and Japanese anime. One of the shows I do watch though is the medical drama House MD, starring Hugh Laurie
  • Déjà Vowel
    I thought I had talked about this once before, but apparently I haven't. Also, it seems Google isn't indexing anything for the search box, I'll look into that in a little

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