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So it's been over a week since I last posted on here, longest for a while. I've been mostly busy with steady progress at Spiral Island. I think I'll have all the framework completed by the end of the month, and from there it'll be just adding the data and doing graphic and sound work, with minor tweaking along the way to code. I was going to put up a video on Youtube of the technical work so far, but my notebook's webcam wasn't doing well picking up from our DLP television.

Seeing a project come together like this, after years of planning, is very nice. I've heard it said several times in the video game developer industry that if you're not completely hating the project by the time it's out the door then it's a rarity. So far, I haven't hit that point. Aside from sheer boredom from some of the programming my excitement to have it done and see it live grows with each passing day. Even the programming work is exciting, at times when it's actual probelm solving and not writing the same thing over and over (mainly drawing calls to paint everything on the screen); there's been several times I've been literally bouncing around my apartment while programming and listening to music. Consuming whole 2 Ltr. bottles of Mt. Dew may have contributed to those instances, but that's beside the point, the point is that it's my work I'm seeing come together. And with most sessions I'm learning something new about the language, and finding new (and usually better) ways of doing things to get the goal.

When everything's said and done I'll have a lot of post mortem work to do, so will be adding a lot both here and on the revamped AnacondaSoftware site at that point. I'm also going to start a crash course into re-learning Japanese using the Pimsleur method right after release, so I can get a Japanese version released as well. I'll go more into that as in the future, and talk about that several times as I go along that process.

Date posted: 22 April, 2009
Tags: japanese music programming spiral_island translation
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