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XML Reversion

Back some time ago, when I was doing major work on Castle Tilemap Editor, I had posted that I didn't like XML, for various reason, although the one I primarily was complaining about (despite the way that post might read) was difficulty to work with. Apparently, as it turns out I was doing it wrong.

While working on figuring out how to save data for Spiral Island, a few weeks ago I stumbled on a .NET structure called the XmlSerializer. This is pretty much an XML parser on steroids: it will automatically take some structure and with a couple commands, either export a complete XML file or import the data from an XML file to whatever I specify. In fact only 1 command, setting aside the commands for opening the files to write to or read from them.

In light of that, I've been a lot more friendly towards XML usage, since it's much simpler to set up then what I was doing in Castle Tilemap Editor. I still think it's unnecessary space waste, though.

Date posted: 14 April, 2009
Tags: programming spiral_island
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