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Repeat Performance

Yes once again I'm here are play around with the Windows Vista speech recognition. And as the form of that in this article before posting a it'll just post the way comes out. Follow not really sure what she did allude to say in the central

I'm thinking that I might try doing some more work here with speech recognition, if bill wants the events on working on training at right now just goofing off early and I've come to know this that's my way of financing things actual a lot more on strange than they would force that. Time in after add another entry deal into this further, if lots fix what's delete that deletes that death to fifth in the tiff.  60th

That line failed. As I was saying, it's gonna need a lot of training. The above example makes that perfectly clear.  That is nowhere near what I actually said. And just to get it to get that last sentence correct, it took a great deal of effort. It will take some work I guess.

Date posted: 04 June, 2009
Tags: voice_recognition
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