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I've spent most of today working on cleaning up the site. I went through all the entries and fixed the bad characters from the Unicode conversion, and the dead links caused by turning on mod_rewrite and it not properly handling the old links.

But the bulk of the word was turning on tags for the blog. I had to edit the templates to add in the code for it, and then go through every single entry and add appropriate tags. I have altogether 43 tags currently. All the entries are tagged, although a few entries don't have all the tags they should, looking back through the tag list and forgetting about a few of them. I'll make another pass through it later, but for now it's good enough.

My next task will be cleaning up the templates so that the site can validate as XHTML 1.0 correctly again, as the little button on the left put there by the template designer indicates.

Date posted: 05 June, 2009
Tags: regularspelling website_design
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