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So I was putting back together an old Pentium 1 computer, which I have mentioned before as giving me nothing but problems when it was my main computer, but I need to run some old sound hardware I plan on using. As I turned it on to make sure it hadn't been damaged and become inoperational in the years of disuse, I was presented with a beep code from the BIOS. I had to go look it up, and in the process stumbled upon the original manual for the machine on the HP website.

As I read through it, I found certain supported operating configurations, which, as it turned out, I was not running it in. Specifically, the RAM requirements, I was running in an unsupported configuration. As it was RAM - which the original had gone misssing - that was the whole cause for the beep code, I needed to track down some different RAM for the machine (thanks Duaine!). I put in RAM in a supported configuration, then began thinking I may have to make an entry on how the years I was running this machine and complaining about it were purely my fault, since it was trying to run with RAM it could not support.

However, a few minutes trying to run Rise of the Triad to test later, all that worry was gone as the problem resurfaced to assure me there was an actual issue with the machine.

Date posted: 23 June, 2009
Tags: computer
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