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  • Tabula Rasa II
    So the plan of course was trying to write a novel  this month as I had a bunch of travel going on. And it was a decent plan in theory. However, as it turned out, it didn't
  • Right Off The Page
    So I've spent some more time reading lately, owed in large part to my new B&N nook . I finally finished reading the fourth Otherland book, finished reading Roadside Picnic
  • Backup Policy
    So my new hard drive in my XPS seems to have developed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and I have to replace it. Working right now on recovering - painfully slowly, I might
  • Compacted
    So I did decide to go ahead and upgrade my XPS to Windows 7 after all. I made this decision mainly because I had switched to 64-bit Vista not that long ago, and the UPEK f
  • Persona
    Well, Windows 7 is officially released now. Unlike when Vista was released, I won't be switching to 7 immediately. My desktop is slowly spiraling to it's death, so I'm goi
  • ZUN!
    So I guess I've mentioned once before, I own a Zune instead of an iPod. Never wanted an iPod, never liked Apple products in general after having tons of problems with old
  • Browser Shifts
    I usually use IE8 on my notebook. It's a decent browser, and much better than the dark days of IE6. Despite some unwarranted MS hate from people, it serves well for using
  • Space Constraints
    As I said I would, I have put up a few Skewed updates this week. With a Dungeons and Dragons campaign taking up a majoriy of this week, completely throwing my sleep schedu
  • RTFM?
    So I was putting back together an old Pentium 1 computer, which I have mentioned before as giving me nothing but problems when it was my main computer, but I need to run s
  • Incorrect History
    Time is what we make of it. The past is how we recorded it. We cannot prove, after all, that the past exists, we only have the relics left from it. If it is not recorded,
  • Layout Space
    Way back in the day , I bought my first LCD. At the time, I didn't want to spend the money for a 24" monitor, so had bought a 20" widescreen, with a resolution of 1680x105
  • Progressive Conciousness
    Generally, when you dream, you tend to only remember the last dream you had, because your mind recycles any of the earlier ones. However, if you are awakened, and awakened
  • Drug Induced
    When I was little, I was diagnosed with ADHD. I had taken several different prescriptions for it, up until about 8th grade where I more or less just quit and managed it wi
  • Weird Dream
    As I've mentioned several times in the past, I get a lot of my ideas from various dreams. I haven't really had many dreams lately that were very interesting, so I could re
  • Version Two - Spiral Island
    Spiral Island started out using the the three characters I had in Leviathan : Amy Carter, Marcus Tilden, and Queen Sarissa Croshid. RPG Maker 95 let me have up to 12 chara
  • Limited or No Connectivity
    I don't have wireless in my desktop, so since I haven't gotten cable yet here at my apartment I've been using Internet Connection Sharing from my notebook over a crossover
    I often have different things shipping to me, and so I get fairly familiar with the systems of FedEX, UPS, DHL, and the post system. One thing that has recently confused m
  • Squandering My Resources
    I received the first renewal notification for this place this morning, meaning it's now been here for nine months. And I've pretty much left it alone recently... Though I
  • New Machine, Review
    Since it's finished I might as well link it here, I finished the review on my new notebook, it's found on Notebook Forums. Dell XPS M1530 Review Now that that's written up
  • Somewhat Neglected
    Yeah its been a while since I last updated. I've been containing my impatience while waiting for my new notebook to be built and shipped to me, and then taking it through
  • Typing Gloves
    Since apparently a lot of people hit my site this month for search results varying on the theme of my typing with gloves, I guess I'll go into them. There's not much too t
  • Absorbed
    Since I work in a technical support field, I have to talk to people. Not an inherently bad thing in itself, but there is a problem to it. Something I haven't had to deal w
  • Blogotubes
    It is now the end of the year, and so its time to reflect over the last year, and make new year resolutions. One thing I have noticed over the last year is my changing in
  • StoryLines
    One of the things I was taught in Elementary School was to organize for large writing projects. I had done that using index cards, and on the computer using the Cardfile p
  • Backlog
    Wow, this makes a grand total of three entries on here so far this month, I've been slacking. Not that I haven't been busy, I've been setting up my working environment in
  • Typing with gloves on
    Just to see how this turns out, im going to type this entire entry with my gloves on, at full speed, and not do any corrections of mistakes. My hands are currently rfreezi
  • Crawling
    So over the weekend I traded off with my mom staying with my brother up at the hospital. I brought my notebook with me, and planned on remoting in to my machine at home to
  • City Notoriety
    A few days ago I noticed that Blender has started experimental support for 3D devices, or rather devices with six degrees of freedom. Back in December when I first bought
  • Where One Ends and Another Begins
    Been busy the last several days with some things while the rest of my family has been on vacation. Days filled with work around my house or being away from my house. Usual
  • Cooldown Period
    Between late training all week, and the fun of replacing a motherboard and then dealing with driver issues after that, this week has been pretty busy. Today in particular,

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