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Flurry of Blows

An interesting end to the weekend. One one hand, I find myself without any money in my bank account, because the automatic loan payment somehow mistriggered and significantly overpaid off the rest of my loan. On the next hand, I find all of my websites hacked, just as we're heading back out. 

A big kudos to the JaguarPC staff, who promptly started investigation, discovered it was a security vulnerability and everything on my server was hit, and quickly restored all the data from backups and patched the flaws. The bank I called up and they looked into it to figure out what happened, and reversed the transfer to restore my funds. 

So for a couple rounds I was rather stunned, but everything was clear and we had a nice trip back home. Great to have people you can count on. I'll go into other stuff about the weekend later.

Date posted: 18 08 09 - 17:32

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