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On The Road Again

I will be leaving shortly, heading to San Diego for the next week. We will be driving there this time around, so it will be a long road trip to southern Utah and then through Vegas. Through the night, of course, since none of us are really much for the daytime.

Since I've been in the mood for replaying DOOM 3 lately, I found there was a DOOM 3 novelization project in the works. I picked up the first novel, Worlds on Fire, from the library to read on the way there and back, but I sat down to read the first chapter after getting home and ended up reading a third of the way into the book, so I'm going to have to bring something else as well. I got this neat reading magnifier with a light, too, to be able to read in the dark.

I'm rather liking this book so far. It's paced differently than the original novel series by Dafydd ab Hugh, but then again that covered the four episodes of DOOM, as well as DOOM 2 and whatever tangent he ended up going on, whereas this guy is just covering DOOM 3 over three novels. I never finished that first series, I only read the first two because my library didn't have the other ones. I did particularly like how he decided to approach the non-described location problem of DOOM 2 on Earth, plus the author's - although not quite accurate - positive portrayal of Mormons and the LDS church by a non-Mormon author. And yes, we would totally be able to stronghold ourselves against a demon-alien invasion here in SLC where the rest of everywhere else would fall.

Date posted: 11 August, 2009
Tags: novels travel video_games
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