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Pattern Flux

Probably because of the chaotic nature of my speech, I tend to not only shift accents from time to time, but also shift expressions in my speech as well. These can vary from time to time, from the way I present information in discussions, to regional or cultural expressions in my sentences, to even the way I order sentence fragments in a sentence.  And these change constantly, with a new one appearing suddenly, and being used frequently.

The latest one I noticed, I started using this evening in fact, then proceeded to use it on several locations on the internet, with the phrase "the other half of this is" to join together multiple points of a discussion. I'm not sure where I might have picked it up, but it started spontaneously, I used it multiple times in succession, and I only noticed it as I was closing the multiple tabs I had open and saw them all in sequence.

Date posted: 28 September, 2009
Tags: english linguistic
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